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             NAME  AGE                                          COMMENT SRC
Isaac Jasper Leabo Sr. 57 From Iowa to Marion County Oregon Territory 1
Mary Lewis 42 Wife of Isaac Leabo 1
  Noah Jasper Leabo 9  Born Missouri 1   2
  Hannah Margaret Leabo 5  Born Atchison Co., MO 1   2
  John James Leabo 3  Born Missouri 1   2
  Isaac Jasper Leabo Jr. 1  Born Iowa 1   2
James Roland Leabo 20 Brother of Isaac 1
John G Gribble 46 From Johnson Co, Missouri to part of Marion County,Oregon now Clackamas. 1
Elizabeth Ensley 43 Wife of  John Gribble 1
  Andrew Ensley Gribble 24  Born Haywood Co., NC 1
  Hannah Ann Gribble 16  Born Haywood Co., NC 2
  Samuel Oliver Gribble 14  Born Haywood Co., NC 1
  Joseph Byers Gribble 11  Born Johnson Co, MO 2
  Nancy Jane Gribble 7  Born Johnson Co, MO 2
  Sarah Tabithia Gribble 4  Born Johnson Co, MO 2
  James K. P. Gribble 2  Born Johnson Co, MO 1
Walter Fish 30  From Missouri  3, 4
Catherine Leabo 22  Wife of Walter Fish 3, 4
  Hellen Fish  2  Born Missouri 1
  Elanor Elsey Fish  1  Born Territory of Iowa 2
Jacob Leabo 51  Uncle of Isaac Jasper Leabo 1
Elizabeth Bailey 43  Wife of Jacob Leabo
  James Oradon Leabo 14 Born  Indianna 2
  Ellen Candanc Leabo 12 2
  Oscar Fitzallen Leabo  9 2
  Saphroni Leabo Abt7 2
  Augustus Leabo 5 2
  Alice Leabo Abt2 2
James Taylor Cooper 29 Mormon Trail to Salt Lake. California Trail to Sancremento. Schooner Kate Heath to Mouth of Umpqua.  Overland to Yoncalla Valley. 9
            Name Age                                       Comment Src.
John G, Leabo 35 Brother of Isaac Jasper Leabo. nephew of Jacob Leabo 5
Nancy Ellison 25 Wife of John G. Leabo. Died on trail.to Oregon 5
   Isaac Leabo 1 (1851- ) d/o John and Nancy (Ellison) Leabo 6
   Mary Catherine L 14 (1838-1926): m'd 1857 JORY, Thomas; d/o John and Nancy (Ellison) Leabo 6
   Achless "Achilles" Leabo/td> 7 (1845- ): s/o John and Nancy (Ellison) Leabo 6
   Noah Leabo 11 (1841-1908) s/o John and Nancy (Ellison) Leabo 6
   James K. Leabo 5 (1843- ): s/o John and Nancy (Ellison) Leabo 6
   Melissa Leabo 1 (1847- 1852): d/o John and Nancy (Ellison) Leabo
        NAME AGE                   COMMENTS Src
Ziba Dimmick 27 From Illinois  to Looking Glass Creek in the Umpqua Valley. 7
Jane Hewitt 22  Wife of Ziba Dimmick, stepmother of the following children. 7
   Harriet Dimmick 14 Born Stephens Co., Illinois 7
   Hezekial Dimmick 10 Born Illinois 7
   Daniel Henry Dimmick 7
   Thomas Mason Dimmick 7
Jacob B.Leabo 67 Third trip on trail for Jacob 10
Noah Leabo 76  Brother of Jacob. 10
Josiah Joseph Leabo 32 Son of Noah; Captain of train. 11-12
 Nancy Stone 31 .Wife of Josiah 11
 Unicey Mary Jane Leabo 13 Daughter of Josiah and Nancy, Drove a yoke of oxen. 11
Sarah Leabo 11 Daughter of Josiah and Nancy
James Leabo 7 Son of Josiah and Nancy
Thomas Benton Leabo 6 Son of Josiah and Nancy 12

2. At their age they would have traveled to Oregon with thier parents.
3. Oregon Pioneer Database lists Pioneers of 1845: LEABO, Catherine m'd FISH, Walter but it lists their daughter Helen in Emigrants to Oregon in 1847 [ FISH Helen (1845-) m'd 1862 CROW, James A.G.].
4. Fish, Walter &  Leabo, Catherine  1847  Atchison, Mo. to Oregon City, Clackamas County. OregonGeneoalogy Society
FISH, Walter (1817-1884):d 1845 LEABO, Catherine Emigrants To Oregon In 1847
5. LEABO, John G. (1817-1864): m'd 1837 ELLISON, Nancy; wife died on trail; John's brothers, Isaac and James (both emigrants of 1846) came to help him; Isaac and Mary Leabo raised John's children; John served in the Oregon Indian Wars and settled on DLC# 3388 in Marion Co Emigrants to Oregon in 1852 Surnames J-Q
6. Emigrants to Oregon in 1852 Surnames J-Q
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DIMICK, Ziba (1816-1878): m1. 1838 HALL , Cynthia Delight; m2. 1852 HEWITT, Jane; s/o Daniel and Rachael (Leonard) Dimmick; came to OR in 1847, returned eas t in 1848 where he is recorded as having a son in 1849; 1850 went to CA and returned east again in 1851; left for OR again in 1853 as Captain of a train accompanied by his second wife and 4 children from his first marriage; settled on the Umpqua River at Kellogg, Douglas Co, OR where he later died Emigrants to Oregon in 1853
8. List of deaths occuring on the Oregon Trail published 18 Dec 1852 Portland paper Oregon Statesman. Residence given as Shelby county Illinois.
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