(Le) Gallienne Gallery

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  Name Plate of Matthew Gallienne, Father to Charles Matthew Gallienne. This was probably
                             attached to the door of his residence or business on Rodney Street in Liverpool.
                            (Rodney Street photo provided by Andy Jones of Liverpool, a gr-gr-grandson of Matthew Gallienne)
Maxwell and Norman Gallienne, April 29 1920, sons of Charles M Gallienne and Ruby Love Andrews.
In later years they changed their names to the traditional LeGallienne

Another photo of Maxwell and Norman Gallienne

Maxwell Neville LeGallienne as a young man

Interesting 'staged' photo of Charles M. Gallienne II, Son of Charles M. Gallienne and his first wife, Fannie Noel.
Circa 1912

  Charles Gallienne II  in uniform with Irish girl, photo taken in Ireland. circa 1917
                      (Wilkie & Son, Photographers' 48 King St., Cork)

John Norman LeGallienne as a young man

Ruby Love Andrews, 2nd wife of Charles Matthew Gallienne in 1911 at the age of 33
         (Apparently someone did not want the image of her companion and cut him out of the photo)

Ruby Love (Andrews) Gallienne, wife of Charles Gallienne with son John Norman LeGallienne
 and Grandson Norman Maxwell Gallienne.
Lois Winifred LeGallienne, Daughter of Charles Gallienne and Ruby Andrews

  One of the sisters of Charles Gallienne, Lillian??

Here are a group of photos that have not been identified or sorted yet.
They may be descendants of Galliennes, Andrews or Noels.
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1  Tin type photo (dead child?)

2  Tin type photo

3  Tin type photo (note missing arm)

Back of photo  <CLICK HERE <   Reference to children of Esther? Overwritten names- Lizzie, Jimmy, Mr Charles

5  Card board back with marking 'From the Studio of H. S. Clark & Co. Photographers, THOMASVILLE, GA

6  Building construction, unknown location

7  Sept 28th 1911

8  Card board framed, possibly Charles Gallienne II, son of Charles Gallienne and Fannie Noel

9  Tin type photo

10  Really neat bar scene (Pub) early 1900's , Where?

11  Same child in uniform from photo 8

12  Card board framed

13  Card board framed

14  School photo, possibly Charles Gallienne II at right

15  Tin type photo, ????