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Pressmen's Home

Pressmen's Home Tennessee is located between Knoxville and Kingsport. It was the headquarters for the International Printing Pressmen and Assistants Union of North America. It was established in 1911 by George L. Berry. The union provided a Trade School to train union members in all aspects of printing. The Trade School housed both letter-press and offset presses as early as 1912, it also provided training in Pre-Press and Bindery. Many young men came to Pressmen's Home from all over the United States and Canada to train in their profession.

This view is breathtaking to me and many people who had the opportunity to visit Pressmen's Home before it's move to Washington D.C. This is where I grew up. It will forever be the single most beautiful place on earth! I worked here while I was in high school mowing the lawns and keeping watch over the buildings. The photo was taken from the Hotel Pressauna. Just to the left of the hotel was a former gas station where we keep watch.Most days I spent alone after mowing looking at this beautiful site. Early morning fog would be so thick you could not even see the Trade School. In the summer, rain would create smoke that would slowly lift from the mountains. The autumn night air was cool and crisp with many glorious stars reaching down to kiss the Earth and the Moon would light the entire valley. The winter snow would being a peace like no other I have ever felt, slowly falling and sticking to the ground and the tall pines. The spring would bring honey bees and butterflies that were indescribably beautiful. I am grateful to God for this place. This will forever be my home.

This page is a tribute to Harry and Ruth Burton of Pressmen's Home, Tennessee. Harry worked as a plumber at Pressmen's Home for many years until the union move to Washington D.C. Ruth's father, Tom Bailey, worked in the boiler room where steam was used to produce power. Together they raised ten children in beautiful Pressmen's Home. At one time all seven of their son's were in the Printing Industry.