This legend will make you think twice when you see one:

                                 The Owls at the White Ranch

                     During the 50's, three miles east of Edinburg Texas
                     there was a famous ranch known as El Rancho Blanco.  
                     This ranch was inhabitated by two hundred people of 
                     Mexican origin. These people made a living by picking 
                     cotton, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, and other crops. 
                     They lived in small houses that were furnished by the 
                     employer. At the end of the day, all the people would 
                     go home to their little shacks. It was during these 
                     nights that owls, which were believed to be witches 
                     disguised as owls, would come out and frighten the 
                     people. The owls, known as lechuzas, had a very loud 
                     scream that gave the people goose bumps.
                     Everyone at the ranch was frightened by these animals 
                     because they believed they would come and take their 
                     children. At night when they came, the people started 
                     to pray and they held their children until they left 
                     at dawn. Las lechuzas would come in groups and were 
                     very, scary. In the moonlight, they looked like huge 
                     fire balls. The people of the White Ranch learned to 
                     live with these animals, but they never lost the fear 
                     of them. Sometimes lechuzas are still sighted in this 
                     area even though the little shacks are no longer there.