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This website is dedicated to the ultimate sacrifice made by our service men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world and for the grief and loss felt by their families and friends.  Presenting them with a prayer shawl in remembrance of their loved one is a small token of our compassion and appreciation.


Knitters/Crocheters :  Until January 2013, our main program was with Dover Air Base.  However, recent good news is that the number of casualties are down.  We are elated to hear this and pray the trend continues!   We welcome direct requests from military families from all branches.  Below are our current three major programs: 

1. Direct Contact Program: If you know a military Family in need of a prayer shawl, you are welcome to contact them directly, then send me the information (military name, DOD, city/state).  Or you may Google the military name and leave a message on the message board to offer prayer shawls to family members.  Instructions for this method are below under "Direct Contact Program"

2. Direct Requests:    If you are a military Family and would like to request a hand-made prayer shawl, please click "Prayer Shawl Request" below.  Include the rank, full name, date of death, your name/relationship, and your contact information (address/phone/email).  I will then arrange for one of our knitters/crocheters to contact you.  All information is confidential.  We often share some correspondence notes and photos with our military Families in our monthly newsletters (click on "Monthly Newsletters" below).

We invite you to read our newsletters filled with stories and photos of our military fallen.  Our military Families have been comforted by these newsletters, sharing stories, photos, cards/letters from you!  They are pleased to learn about large groups of Americans who continue to care about their loss.   PS4FS currently has 281 groups of knitters/crocheters and a few quilters; the majority are church-based, spread throughout nearly every state in our country. We have been together since October 2007, and in that short time have delivered more than 6,600 prayer shawls to our military families, hoping our work will give you comfort and return some small amount of joy to your lives. We never want to forget them, nor your sacrifice!

3.    Dover Program: In October 2009, we began sending prayer shawls to the chaplains at Dover Air Base who, in turn, deliver them directly to visiting military Families.  Due to a slow down in the casualties, this program has temporarially been placed on hold.  What good news!  We encourage you to read our newsletters which act as a tribute to our military Families. (click on "Monthly Newsletters" below).


Website updated November 15, 2013

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