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Community Bulletin

Email to:
email information (text) only - ABSOLUTELY NO ATTACHMENTS
Print FORM and mail to:
Charter Communications
attn. Bulletin Board
140 Willow St., Suite 3,Winsted, CT 06098

Charter Communications offers a text based
bulletin board for non-profit organizations
within our 6 town franchise area.
The bulletin board is shown on CTV during
times when programming is not running.

Programs run:
M-F ⚬ 4pm-10pm, Sat ⚬ 11am-10pm, Sun ⚬ 9am-8pm

⚬Keep the ad around 25-35 words
⚬One ad per group per month
⚬Ads can run for 2 weeks per month
⚬Include non-profit tax ID#
⚬Specify the dates you wish the ad to run