For College Students Seeking Credit

Charter Communications offers a special internship for students seeking credit. You must arrange the internship through your school or university to ensure that you will be allowed to receive credit for fulfilling 120 hours of television production experience.

All interns begin by learning to work as a production crew on a "Mock Shoot" using studio microphones, audio board, graphics generator & switchers. Once you've gained knowledge of the studio equipment, it's time to move on to portable equipment. Interns will attend workshops on portable camcorders (AVCHD), as well as lighting, audio, and editing.

After the training, college interns are required to produce a 3- 5 minute interview utilizing the following equipment: camcorder, tripod, audio cable, lavalier microphone, light kit and editing software.

Each intern will be taught how to use each piece of equipment in the workshops scheduled (see syllabus). The footage will be edited using Sony Vegas Pro 12 in one of our two editing suites. The final product must be on a DVD-R which should be able to play on a DVD player. NOTE: DVDs with only a file of the production will not be accepted. In addition, interns are required to crew one of our studio productions (Education Matters, HomeFront, or Town Talk) and one mobile studio production.

This is an intensive hands-on program which will require effort, but you will learn a lot and have fun! For more information, feel free to call the studio at 860-456-8500 or email us at