Internship Information

Interns (age 16+) attend workshops on studio production which include camera operation, shot composition, audio mixing, microphone placement, video switching, and character generation. Other workshops include field production, post-production editing, lighting and advanced audio techniques. Interns get the opportunity to work on a number of studio productions and mobile studio shoots. Interns go on to work on their own productions or assist others in creating programming for airing on CTV.

Access Interns are encouraged to complete a total of 240 hours (120 hours required for college students receiving credit) and attend at least 4 workshops.

Our internship is free to all residents in the CTV-192 service area. You can review a map and our requirements to determine eligibility.

Class sessions begin three times a year. The next internship begins on June 21st at 6pm. We are currently accepting internship applications both in person and via email.