January 18th will be the start of our Winter Internship! If you're an eligible resident, we would love to have you join us for the next round of workshops. Help pitch in and spread the word about some exciting events and programs in our community! We can't wait to see what you will create.

Crew Needed - Mobile Productions

Musical Tribute to Heroes · Saturday, November 11th from 5pm-10:30pm
TNT (Tourtelloutte Night of Talent) · Thursday, November 16th from 4pm-11pm
Barebones Theatre at Windham Theatre Guild · Thursday, November 18th from 6pm-11pm

Crew Needed - Studio Productions

Homefront with John Murphy · Friday, November 10th 10am-2pm
Town Talk · Friday, November 17th from 9am-1pm
Education Matters · Thursday, November 30th 2pm-5pm


⚬We will close at 6pm on Thursday, November 9th
⚬We will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd (Thanksgiving)

If you'd like to help out, give us a call at 860-456-8500.