Submitting a Show


1) Must be submitted in person by a local franchise resident

2) Must be labeled with total running time and pre-roll

3) Must be submitted 2 weeks before air time for scheduling

4) All programming must be in DVD-R format

⚬One episode/one title per DVD (NO chapters!)
⚬No complex menu commands. (Put it in DVD player & hit play.)
⚬Clearly labeled with name, running time, and pre-roll
⚬Maximum of 5 episodes may be in our library at a time
⚬DVDs must be picked up within 2 weeks of last air date
⚬We do not take or provide cases for DVDs

5) Series Shows

⚬Must have 2 new episodes per month to qualify
⚬Must renew paperwork every 13-weeks
⚬New episodes due Friday prior to the week in which it airs
You must keep track of due dates, staff will not contact you for new episodes