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We attended a Star Trek Con in Indianapolis!

One of the guest stars was Chase Masterson who portrays Leeta, a Bajoran Dabo Girl and newlywed (with a Ferengi, Rom) on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

We kept on hearing how gracious, personable and caring Chase is with her fans. A year previous Rudy's sister, Brenda, attended a convention in Green Bay, WI and met Chase. After hearing a glowing report like the aforementioned, Rudy joined Chase's fan club. The Chase Masterson Fan Club is top notch and is currently the largest club in Star Trek fandom!

Well, we met Chase in person for the first time at this convention, and...everything we heard about Chase is true!!!

Chase Masterson at Indy Con 11/28/1997
Chase Masterson
Chase Masterson as Leeta the D'Abo girl from Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Chase as "Leeta" from ST:DS9

This Slanted Fedora convention began the Friday after Thanksgiving and Chase spent most of the day signing autographs, posing for photos (like the one at top left and below with Rudy), and truly getting to know each of her fans. She barely had enough voice left to host an hour long Q&A session with fans. Afterwards, Chase went right back to signing more autographs, making sure everyone had a chance to meet her and get autographs.

...Of course, this was after spending Thanksgiving day on a plane, with her son, on her way back from working in Australia.

Talk about dedication to your fans!!!

Chase Masterson with her big fan, Rudy
Rudy and Chase Masterson
Check these web sites for more about CHASE MASTERSON, her career and fan club:

Chase Masterson Web Site
Chase Masterson Official Fan Club

Other guest stars at the convention were:

  • George Takei (Captain Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation)

We also have a page with more photos, including the costume contest winners!

We've also been to the "Star Trek: The Experience" exhibit/ride in Las Vegas.


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