I have put together this list of “Active” traders. If you are not on this list but would like to be, or you want to be taken off, send me an email with the appropriate information.    Ra4dunb at charter dot net                                            Last Edit: 04\14\2005

Bold text are new entries

AB's Non-Sports Card Page
Marvel, Star Trek, want/trade lists, Marvel set checklists Description: Collector of mostly Star Trek and anything Marvel, but tastes also run to sci-fi stuff - particularly older tea and tobacco cards. Also, check out my comprehensive Marvel card checklists

 all sport & non card trading page
heave needs fromt he 1956 with crokett to 93 press pas,welcome back kotter, good times,empire strikes back,star trek 1979, you die laughing, new kids on block , partridge family & evil knievil

Amok Times Newsletter
Website offering information, images and checklists for past, present and future Star Trek Cards.

Anime Cards Webpage Listing
Anime card traders and sellers, neatly organized by anime series, easy to use!

Anthony Damata's Trading Card Site
A personal site for trading old and new trading cards.

Ashera's Non-Sport Trading Cards
Complete checklists with pictures of almost all cards, cards for trade and wantlists for all series of Xena, Lord of the Rings Movies, X-Men and Red Dwarf. Enterprise, Lexx and Spiderman coming soon.

Aztek2's Non-Sport Trading Card Page
This is my personal page for collecting and trading cards: Marvel, DC, Image, Fantasy Art, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, and anything dealing with the Crow. I have extra sets, chase cards and singles from a variety of sets. Come by and take a look, and maybe we can trade!

Bassam Abdul-Baki
My collection of Marvel-comics cards.

Big D’s
Thanks for taking a look at my web page. Right now all I have listed are my non-sport wants and nonsport cards for trade, my sports card wants and extras will be online

Billbcards non-Sports trading cards lists
lists of sets, Inserts, Singles, and a few boxes, that I have to trade. Lists of my wants. I do have prices on my lists if you want to buy, but I will trade anything on my. I go by Non-Sports Update price guide or what they are going for on Ebay.

Bill's Discount Card Site
Over 10,000 Sports card and Non-Sports cards listed. Sets, singles, inserts and gameused all discounted up to 80% off. I also have about 500 comics from 1980's and earlier. I charge exact shipping and accept SASE's.

Black dragon Comics and Collectables
A comics, cards and collectables website...constantly updated, so if you don't see what you want please place a request..I may just not have gotten around to putting it on the site yet.

Bob Esposito's Card Page
My page lists non-sport cards I want, and some extras I have for trade or sale.

Brady's Cards
Trading and selling non-sports cards going back to the early 50's. My collection consists of over 200,000 cards. If you don't see it listed, just ask.

Bryan's Collectors Place
Always looking to trade non-sport card singles, inserts, sets and much more. I also collect comics, toys, CCGs, Sailormoon and many other collectible items.

Buying Non-Sport Cards and some sports too!
Always buying non-sports and other trading cards. Tired of collecting, or just have a few cards lying around. We will buy them all. No collection too large or too small.

Card Wizard Lady
This is my site that I list cards that I need and extras to trade to help complete my sets. I also have links that I like. I am adding to it frequently so check often.

 Carolnsteve's trading cards
This is a page of non-sports & sports cards, with my wants and what I have available for trading.

 Casey's Trading Cards and Comic Books
On this site, I have my trading card wants and extras, plus all of the comic books I have for sale.

Catch-All Trading Cards
This is a page of all different types of non-sport trading cards. I have comic, movie, TV, fantasy art and more. Come inside and take a look around!!!

Charlene's Non Sport Cards
Looking for new trading friends.

Caroline's Trading Vault
Website devoted to the expansion of my family's collection of cards, comics & collectibles by trading with other collectors. I'm mainly interested in Batman, DC Comics and DC Vertigo Comics related items, but have picked up some other stuff on the way.

Chris' Non-Sport Trading Page
I collect mainly Marvel and X-Files cards with some DC and miscellaneous stuff mixed in. Most of my cards are from 1997 or before, which is when I officially stopped avidly pursuing non-sport cards. I also collect baseball cards, which is actually my main passion.

Christina's Non-Sports Trading Cards
Science Fiction/Fantasy Fans?
This site is for you! Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Batman, Xena, Hercules, Hildebrandt, Dark Angel, Vintage Charlie's Angels & MUCH MORE!

Circle Of Friends
A connection to trading card collectors who need very little and have very little to trade.

Clare's Trading Card Page
A UK based site selling/trading non-sports cards such as Buffy, Star Trek, Roswell, Farscape, Xena, The X-Files.

Clayton's Website of Sports & Non-Sports Trading Cards
I have listed all the Non-Sports Trading Cards that I have to offer. If you are interested in anything on my list, drop me an e-mail and let's talk. I also have listed various other Sports related items for trade/sell. I'll trade for anything Dallas Cowboy related and there's a handful of non-sports items on my wantlist.

Webjon.com has cards for trade and non-sports card resources. I collect Autograph Cards, Sketchagraphs and Rare Chase, but have all types of cards available. Visit the autograph gallery & box breakdowns. 35,000 commons for trade! Buying Autos & Sketchagraphs. ;)

Lots of cards for trading selling ,and on a few occasions buying. I try to keep a varity of singles to help people complete there sets, as well as Promotion cards and Chase cards.

Collectibles 4 Sale: Nonsports Cards, Comic Books, +
Collectibles for sale: Nonsports cards (Fantasy (e.g., Boris), Pinup (e.g., Olivia), TV/Movie (e.g.,X Files), etc.); Comics (Marvel, DC, Image, Independent, Wizard, Adult); Action Figures (Moore Creations, Skybolt, Antartic Press, etc.); Statues; Beanie Babies.

this is the site of french people who collects non sports cards, especially TV shows and movies. Our favorites : Farscape, X files, LOTR, James Bond, Star Trek, Star Wars....

Crystal Millennium of Cards
A, hopefully, everything you need to know about Sailor Moon Trading Cards site. Has pic's of almost all cards and a list of traders. Also included is a vocabulary and collecting guide. Enjoy!

Dark Moyle's Non-Sports Cards
Trading sci-fi, movies and tv non-sports cards. I am mainly interested in Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

David Cole’s Want List
David collects a variety of things including cereal cards, Rugby, Cricket. His want list is worth checking through. He has many spares available, lots of fantasy art cards and a good range of full sets. You can contact David with any enquiries by clicking on the email links on his page

David's Trading Place
This site is for trading Star Wars and other non-sports cards. I like 70s and 80s movie and TV cards as well as Magic, and am always willing to negotiate a good trade. Hope you find something you need here!

DHard's Sport and Non-Sport Trading Cards
This site is for trading Sport and Non-Sport cards.

Dizzydolphin's Non sport movie cards
I collect mostly movie cards. Always looking to trade with fellow non sport collectors.

DMVTREKs Sci-Fi Stuff Homepage
My Webpage contains for sale or trade: Sci-Fi Trading Cards, Magazines, Comic Books.

Doc's Non-Sports Cards
Non-Sports Cards trading site

Donna's Place
Come visit my website and see if you can help me fill, or get the card sets I want. You can take a look at some of the art I have done while you are there.

Do's Non-Sport Card Sets & Singles
single cards & sets of buffy, angel, xena, hercules, star trek, disney, charmed, scooby doo, dark angel, witchblade, crocodile hunter, movies, and much more. I'm addding things all the time so please take a look! Xena Merchandise Just Added!!

Erik's Card List
The main purpose of this site is for me to get rid of my existing trading cards and swap for mainly Buffy trading cards.

Fantasy Exchange Non-Sport Cards & Collectables
Welcome!! Inside you'll find a HUGE selection of nonsport trading cards, comics, and other collectables.

Fantasy Trading cards
Fantasy; trading cards, artist, comic, graphic illustrated books and calendars, promos, movie, TV, Red Rose Tea Cards, Brooke Bond Cards, Tobacco cards, from 1920's to today. Site continually updated.

Flinxrap’s Trading Card Home
Welcome to my Trading Card pages. If you find that I have cards that you need but you don't find any I need, don't hesitate to contact me as I may be willing to sell or trade for singles or sets you may have an extra of

Flood's Trading Cards Pages
My personal want lists and trade available lists

Galactic card trading
Nonsports cards i have to trade and want. I will trade for other items as well. maxim magazines wanted.

Garbage Pail Kids Traders
This is my site for Garbage Pail Kids.It lists my needs and what I have for trade.

Gene's Mostly Comic Cards
Looking to trade Comic/Anime Cards? From Bone and Sailor Moon to Lady Death and The X-Files. And don't forget Dawn, Vampirella or The Tenth, even WWF. Check out what else! :)

G L G Non Sports Trading Pages
I collect non-sport cards as a hobby. This site has my needs as well as items available for sale or trade.

Hank & Liz Maifeld's Home Page
My site is about my life in Maine plus listings for my card collecting needs.

Harley Quinn's Card Hunting HQ
Everything non-sports from Disney to WWE.

Jack and M.J.’s Cards
Jack has spares for almost everything from the 1940's through to Alias Season 3. He has around 200,000 non-sport commons. Listed are his 'want list' and a large impressive list of Inserts for trade. Check it out! You can contact Jack with any enquiries by clicking on the email links on his page


James Fox
Spares for - large variety of nonsport commons and some inserts. Some Full Sets available. Check back often. This list is constantly growing. Over 20000 non-sport cards and Inserts now listed. Basketball cards and inserts list coming soon

Jeff Allender's Precarious House of Cards
All sorts of entertainment, fantasy and SF art, Star Trek and Star Wars, nostalgia ... love to trade!

Jim's Cards   ?
I have mostly fantasy art cards with some other types as well. I'd love to do a trade. Come on down!

My excellent trading collection of Marvel, Non-Sports, and some Sports cards.

John's Trading Card Page
This site is dedicated to the trading of non-sports cards.
Comic book-Science Fiction-Fantasy Art and Horror cards. From comic
books like Marvel and DC & card companies like
Impel, Skybox/Fleer, Comic Images, FPG and Topps

Johnny's Trading Post
Check out my Needs/Haves for Non-Sport, and CCG cards. There's also a For Sale page for stuff I'm selling, Comics for Trade and sale, and Books. Let us help eachother get closer to completing our collections.

Kat's Cardz and More
I collect non-sports cards, comics, and loose action figures, and I have sports and non-sports cards, comics, and loose figures to trade.

Kenmore Komics & Games
Non-Sport Cards

Kevin McCartney's Comic Cards Trading Page
This page focus is marvel/xmen/spiderman comic cards from 1989- (currently) 1994. Singles, chase, and complete sets for trade.

Kid Trek's USS Webtrader
Trading site for all Non-Sports Cards that I collect, and other Sci Fi cards as well. Beam aboard!

Lazy Dragon's Non Sport Cards
I collect and trade all types of Non Sport Cards. I have sets, individuals, chase, promos, etc. Everything from movies, television, nostalgic, starwars, star trek and comic cards. Check it out!

Les Topolski's Spare Sets, Inserts and Commons List ( IT'S HUGE! )

Spares for - large variety of nonsport commons and some inserts. Some Full Sets available. Check back often. This list is constantly growing. Over 20000 non-sport cards and Inserts now listed. Basketball cards and inserts list coming soon

L. K. Greene's Apartment of Cards
One Stop Trade/Buy/Sell Place for Star Wars and other Non-Sport Cards, as well as Vintage Sports Cards

Lord of the Rings trading card page!
I collect Lord of the Rings trading cards for all sets and misc memorabilia. Check out my website & let's trade!

Marcia’s Non-Sport Cards
I am a non-sport card collector based in Oklahoma. My hobby originally started by collecting any and all things related to Spider-Man (Figurines, Cards, Dolls etc.).

A fun & informative Web Site dedicated totally to collecting Mars Attacks Trading Cards. Rare uncut sheets, display stand, display boxes (Including one of the HOLY GRAILS OF NON-SPORTS CARD COLLECTING!!!), window displays (even one from 1962), and a lot, lot more


My Cards
Interested in most non-sports trading cards. Visit my site for list of needed/extra cards to trade.

My Little Piece of the Web
As a science fiction fan, I first became interested in collecting only science and science fiction related cards. But since the collector card technology has really improved, I have branched out and collect other cards that I find interesting, as well.

Mysterious Collector
Includes a variety of Anime Trading and CCG cards from many series with scans galleries. Also includes non-sport cards

Nate's Star Wars Trading Card Outpost
A website dedicated for trading of all kinds of Star Wars Collectible Trading Cards

NetScans: Card Trader
A Baseball and non-sport card trading site where no trade is too small or too big.

Nigel And Karen
On these pages we have our collections of TV and film related trading cards from the 1970's to the present day, and are looking for trades to complete our sets. We live in the UK, but will gladly trade overseas. So far, we have traded with people in the UK, the USA, Canada, the Philippines, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium and Norway

Non-Sport Cards Collecting.....Everyone Needs A Hobby
Over the past several years that I have been collecting non-sport cards, I have acquired several extra single cards as well as extra chase cards. Follow the links below to see what extras I have in my collection. I also have several cards that I need to complete sets, so I have a link to my need list as well. I am open to most trades so feel free to E-mail me with any possible trades.

Polarbear's Homepage
My page is a basic way to get in touch with the people who have the same interests as I do. Listed are the basics: I have lots more stuff to trade and sell. My interests vary, if it is not listed here, please ask.

Povey Cards
We have a large number of non-sports trading cards to trade. We are in the UK.

PT's WoodShop Trading Card Page
We're a site dedicated to Trading, Buying, and Selling various Non-Sport Cards. We have many sets and singles available and need sets and singles as well.

RedFive's Star Wars Trading Card Site
This site contains my Haves/Wants list for mostly Star Wars cards, but you will find a few other Sci Fi cards too (such as Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica). I have lots of sets and singles for trade or sale, so stop by and take a look!

Remmys Non-Sport Cards, Comics, Action Figures Etc.
Hello, I have Star Wars:AOTC, Buffy, X-Files, Xena, Star Trek:TNG, Batman Return Cards; Buffy, X-Files, Sailor Moon and Oh My Goddess Comics; some Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Action Figures and Others (Books, Etc.) for sale. Please take a look. Thank you =)

Rich’s Cards
Specializing in modern and vintage Star Wars cards, sets, promo cards, chase cards, and uncut sheets, plus Lord of the Rings trading cards, prismatic foils and autographs. I also offer a huge selection of new and vintage movie, television, fantasy and comic non-sports cards from Topps, Artbox, Rittenhouse, Skybox, Comic Images, Inkworks, Donruss, Fleer, and more, including singles from over 400 different sets. I am always buying, selling and trading, so if you have any special requests, please email me

Rick and Ally's Star Trek and Star Wars Trading Cards
This site is thorough Want List and Cards Available for Trade List for Star Trek and Star Wars Trading cards needed to complete our Personal Sets

Ricks Non Sport Cards  (me)
I collect sets and some inserts of non-Sport cards. I would like to trade with others.

Rod's Cards
This site contains cards from many non-sports catagories. Marvel, Star-Trek, Disney & Coca-Cola cards are the main emphasis for my collection.

Ronbo's Non-sports cards and Promos
A huge site dedicated to my extras and want lists of Non-sports trading cards and promos. It contains lists of all my spare sets, inserts, promos and other cool card related stuff. It also has a huge promo card database that I've created of my personnal promo card collection

Sailor Figment's Trading Cards for Sale or Trade
tons of Star Trek sets, Xena, Hercules, Babylon 5, Disney, X-men, and more!

Sailor nova's Sailor Moon Sticker Swap
I'm looking for people who want to trade Sailor Moon stickers,stickercards, trading cards and stickers of ALL kinds with! I have non-sports cards to trade,come and see what else I have! I'm interested in erasers and character pencils as well!

Shaena's Trading Cards
Just another personal non-sport trading card page ^-^

Sharper Blade's Non-Sports & CCG Trading Pages
24,Addams Family,Alias,Angel,Bab ylon 5,Batman,Beetle Bailey,Buffy,Comic Ball,Garbage Pail Kids,Ghostbusters,Haga r The Horrible,Marvel,Pocaho ntas,Reboot,Silly CD's,Six Feet Under,Smallville,Space Jam,Star Trek,TMNT,X-Men & more! CCG Lists: B5,Buffy,H:TB,HP,Clix, LT,M:TG,Overpower,Sim City,Star Trek,Survivor,Wyvern,X -Files,X-Men.

Skowronski's Non-sport trading cards
I specialize in Star Wars & Star Trek; however, I also have thousands of other non-sports cards including adult cards. All sets, commons, inserts and promos are listed for easy viewing. Also Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, James Bond CCGs.

Snowy's Non-Sports Trading
Collector/Trader of Non-Sports cards with focus on Buffy, X-files, Star Wars, Star Trek, and other TV/Movie and comic cards.

SparK's Cards Trade
Just a simple website for trading purpose only. I collect Non-Sport, Sport and MtG cards. I also collect comics. I mainly collect everything with Spider-Man in it.

Speedy's Trading Zone
A Card collectors site. I collect - CCG(LOTR, Tomb Raider, Gundam MS War, Pokemon, DBZ, well the list could go on), plus Non-Sport collectort Cards, plus Anime cards. Have Pogs/Tazos and Mage Knight Figs as well!

SpiderGoblins Trading Den
Hello to all you fellow traders.My name is Bernie.I've been trading on-line since March '98.I have also been trading off-line since about Jan '95.I have been a member of the LCCC since 1996.

Spider-Hulk's Trading Page
I collect non-sport trading cards. I'm mostly into Marvel cards but I collect just about anything that tickles my fancy. If you want something but don't know of anything I want please just send me a small list of what you do have because I'm in this to have fun.

Star Wars Cards
My collection of Star Wars trading cards. My want list is also here. Feel free to come by and take a look :)

Syncope Central  Chris's Non-Sport Trading Card Haven
I collect mainly Marvel and X-Files cards with some DC and miscellaneous stuff mixed in. Most of my cards are from 1997 or before, which is when I officially stopped avidly pursuing non-sport cards. I also collect baseball cards, which is actually my main passion.

The Card Retreat
Come take a look at my site if you trade in most anything Non-Sport! I collect everything from Abbott & Costello all the way to Zorro. I've got loads of neat stuff to trade away & tons of cards I need to complete sets & chase.

The Collectaholic’s Page
Welcome to my website!
This website is like a collectibles store, garage sale and swap meet that's open 24 hours a day, every day of the week! I buy, sell and trade

The Ralston Interface - Non-Sport Collector Cards
I collect Non-Sports collector cards as a hobby. I am a collector offering to trade cards with collectors. This page lists cards that I am looking for and cards that I have available for sale or trade. I have one of the oldest non-sport collector card sites on the web.

The Realm; Mandy's Trade Site
I trade anime cards amoung other stuff. Please have a look! Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yuyu Hakusho, Gundam Wing

The Stuff Emporium
British Collector with extensive range of non-sports cards from the 1980's onwards. Specializes in TV and Movie sets, plus UK exclusive promos. Willing to trade or sell. Ebay seller since 1999.

The Trading Post
Lots of sci-fi, fantasy art, comic, and CCG cards to trade. I also have comics and magazines. I'm especially craving X-Files stuff!

Toby's Universal Nation
Your gateway to comic cards (featuring X-Men, Spider-Man, The Simpsons, etc) and fantasy art cards (Boris, Olivia, etc) at great prices!

Tony Island Trading Card Post
Tony Island has an area for Non-Sport Card Collectors - various sets from movies, TV and comics. Come on over and see if I have what you need!

If you're interested in trading all kinds of non-sport cards (mostly comic & movie related) you've found the right place. These are the cards I need and have for trade. For each set, cards that I need are shown first, followed by the cards I have extras for. Jump to a spot of your interest by clicking on a letter in the index below. If you need any common cards to complete your sets don't hesitate to drop me a line or send your list with the cards you are still missing. I will look them up for you as soon as possible. You can reach me under tradeacard[at]gmx[dot]de at any tim


Trading Card Lists
Trading Card Lists -- NON SPORT

trading cards

Trading Cards, Etc.
My website is a site for non-sports trading cards and STTNG WB 1994 CCG; needs and wants are listed there (I have plenty of both).

Trading For Fun
Hi Everyone.
I'm looking to trade non-sports cards, action figures, diecast, sports cards and more. If you have a little extra time, please come on by.

Trading Site
My non-sports and Star Wars trading card site. Open to nearly all trades.

TrdNCrd's Homepage of Sports and Non-Sports Trading Car
Homepage containing my wants and extras for trade in Non-Sports and Sports cards

Troy's Colossus Card Trading Page
I have Marvel cards for trading with others over the web. I like to trade to complete my sets and to help others complete their sets. Stop by and look around. If you don't see something, email me and ask. Also, if you don't have anything I need ask anyway, I might%

Vickie's Non-sport Trading Cards
I collect and trade most non-sport cards.

Warp 9
Your source for Entertainment Trading Cards!
This website lists everything we currently have in stock.
New items are added as they arrive.
This site is updated several times daily, so remember to hit your refresh key

WCW nWo Cards for trade or sale
I collect WCW/nWo 1998 Topps, WCW/nWo Nitro 1999 Topps, and WCW/nWo Superstars Photocards 1998 Panini cards. I will trade or sell them just e-mail me.

Xena, Hercules and other Non_Sport Trading Cards
Mainly a Xena and Hercules card collector who has branched out into other non-sport cards.

Xvader Cards
Primarily trade in all kinds of non-sports, especially Sci-fi. Also have some sports cards I will trade for non-sports. Let's work out a great trade.