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OO7 - Volume 3 P3


Aaaahh !!! Real Monsters 4 cards promo

Akira promo 1, 2, "Cards Illustrated"

Aladdin S1

Amalgam – Dark Claw

American Pin-Up # 3of 5


Animaniacs P1

Art Treasure of the Vatican

Artists Choice # 3

Archie Chromium one of one

Archie comics cards 000

Astounding Science Fiction

Babylon 5 – Ultra 4 card

Batman  Animated series 2

Batman Forever Ultra 4 Card

Batman Master

Batman Returns Topps, Topps Stadium Club

Batman Animated series 2

Barbie Twins P1

Beanie Babies 2 of 3

Betty Boop Series 3

Bill Nye

Bill Nye Crack it Open

Blood sucking beasts from hell P1

Bob Marley # 3 of 5


Bone II

Beatles - Sports Time P1

Cars of the World – sealed pack

Chris Achilleos II P3, P4

Cinderella S1, S2

Conan 3

Coors P2

Country Classics 01, 02, 03

Crow City of Angels # 2,5

Creators edition P1, BP1

Cyberforce Summer P1, P3

Dead Zone P2

                                                DC Villians 9 cards sheet

DC Vertigo SC1

Don Cherry/Colossal cards II - oversized

Endless Summer ES Promo1

Enterprise 1 P1

ET Widevision

Everway P11

Flipper – Don.

Free Willy 9 cards sheet

Frighteners P1, P2

Garfield Chromium Promo 2

Garfield Chromium Promo 3

Garfield Chromium Series 2 Promo

Gargoyles S1

G.I. Joe 30th Salute

Gil Elvgrens Pinups 2

Godzilla SuperVue P1


Hammer Horror  P1

Heavy Metal The art of

Hildebrandt – Greg and Tim

Independance Day Widevision

It’s a wonderful Life  # 1

James Bond Connoisseur Collection P3

Jim Warren 2

Jumanji S1


Kingdom Come Extra

Kiss series 1 P8

Kiss series 2 P1, P2

Lion King  A1

Lion King 2

Looney Tunes Bia-1

Lone Ranger P1, P2

Lost in Space P3

Mars Attacks Widevision – 2 different                                      Home - Top

Marvel vs DC “Captain America

Marvel Flair 94’ 4 card double sided promo

Marvel Master 93 She- Hulk

Marvel Master 94 - 4 card promo Gambit, Captain America, Psylocke, Hulh

Marvel Master 96 – Captian America (A little dinged on corners)

Marvel Metal - 4 Card Promo

Marvel Universe 94’ – 4 Card Promo

Masters of Japanese Animation P1, P2

Mask M-1, S-1

Miller P

Melrose Place P

Melting Pot 93

Melting Pot All chomium

Monkees #1    

Mortal Combat S1, Foil edge Sample, Red Sample

More than Battlefield Earth

MTV Animation – 8 card promo sheet

National Lampoon SC3           

Outer Limits 1 of 2 Duo cards

Outer Limits 2 of 2 Duo cards

Osbournes P1

Phantom The – Intrepid

Phantom The - CI

Phil Rizzuto’s Baseball


Pocahontas 9 card large promo (A little dinged on corners)

Pokemon Mew Two Strikes Back, Pikachu # 1, 3, Cool Porygon#15

Power Rangers – The movie 9 card sheet

Royo Secret Desires

Sailor Moon P1, P2

Salvador Dali

Skybox Racing - Al Unser, Jaques Villenuve

Simpsons P2, 18, P3(Grandpa), P3(Itchy)

Small Soldiers P2


Spawn - Inkworks

Spiderman Ultra 95      9 card

Strangers in Paradise

Starship Troopers P1

Star Trek Season 4 S1

Star Trek First Contact Video Motion Card

Star Trek Master Series Survey Card                           Home - Top

Star Trek Season 3 (9 cards sheet)

Star Trek TOS Season 1(12.97)

Star Trek – Phases – “30 years of Space….)

Star Trek Voyager T1, P1

Star Wars 3Di  #1

Star Wars Red Leader in Red

Star Wars Shadow of the Empire sote3

Superman Platinum Series SP1

Strangers In Paradise

Tank Girl

The Three Stooges Duo Cards

The Beatles P1

Tick The

Top Cow Showcase 2 of 2

Toy Story 1 S1

Ultraverse II P2 P0

US Manga Corps


Vampire Theater 1 of 33,500

Wayne Barlow – Alien World of

Wizard of Oz Promo # 2

Waterworld oversized

William Stout Saurians & Sorcers

Wildstorm Archives II P1

Xena Series 2 P2

X-Files Movie P1

X-Files Showcase P1

X-Men Oasis

YoungBlood 92' #0

Zorro – Movie Promo # 2

Zorrow - Topps