Hello, my name is Richard. I started collecting non-sport cards in the early 90’s. My interests include; Star Trek, Marvel, X-Files and Fantasy art. My wife also collects, she enjoys; Disney, X-Files and various Animal sets. If you have any questions send me an email.       

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My main goal is to collect sets I do not have and finish my incomplete sets.



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                                                                Active List of Non-Sport Traders


                            I comprised this list of sites that I have traded with over the last year. Most are still active.

Rather than display everyone’s email, I’ve just posted their names. If you need their email for reference LMK.


Anthony Gagliano                              Barbara McFall                   Barrett Nunnery                  BILLBCARDS                    Blair Wilson          Bob Neuman                      
Carlos Brozzo                                    Chris Almestica                   Christina Hodnefield           Clinton Gibbs                      Dan Donovan      Daniel Skowronski
Dark Moyle                                         David Cole                          David O. Flood                    Dori Smith                           Erinn & Matt         Frank Meister(Trade-a-card) Gary Vogel                                     Greg Geerts                        Hank Mayfeld                      Jack Green                          Jack Hallberg                      James Fox               
Jeff Allender                                       Ken Poole                           Kevin MacCartney              Kristy Tucker                       Marcia Hammond               Mike Surratt          
Mr. Broc                               Nial McMurry                       Nigel Twyford                       PatBax1T                            Patpier38                             PETER G GILLIES PKGrls                                                             PuppyB6691                       Richard Ralston                  Rick Small                            RupeshTailor                       Russell Penner SailorNova142098                 SpiderGoblin                       Susan Povey                       StormWing                          The Lazy Dragon Todd &Terry Riley 
Tony Oats                                           Vickie Hamlett                     xSaBx the 'Stuff' Mistress


If I’ve missed anyone or you want your name removed, send me an email and I’ll get you fixed up.


                                                                                    Please send me your lists of wants and extra’s.