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This site hosts my Large Mid-Michigan scanner frequency list. I have been editing this list for around 25+ years.

Are you new or planning to get a new digital scanner?

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Additionally to put my dad's World War II memoirs online for all to read - He was 'Very Proud' of it.

We have been hearing scuttlebutt that some huge bomb was dropped on Hiroshima......

My dad's World War II Memoirs


NEW ==> Fireworks listening: 
Websites: Bay City Fireworks,  Saginaw Fireworks, Midland Fireworks,

Bay City: Security 461.425 dpl 565 and Wolverine fireworks 460.875 dpl 565

Bay City DoubleTree Ops 461.0125

All 911 Talkgroups, Police & Fire, Coast Guard & VHF Marine band, Coast Guard digital 167.625 can be encrypted
Last year police used:

National Tac 1 851.5125
National Tac 2 852.0125
National Tac 3 852.5125
National Tac 4 853.0125

Family Radio Service & Itinerants frequencies, Fixed Wing 122.750, Conley Security 154.540 PL 114.8


NEW ==> Bay City tallships listening:  Ships coming in on Thursday July 14 & leaving late Sunday 17th early Monday the 18th
All 911 Talkgroups, frequencies

Tallships website, Schedule
All  Police & Fire, Coast Guard digital - 167.625 can be encrypted
entire VHF Marine band, Family Radio Service & Itinerant frequencies,
Event Staff 460.875 dpl 565, Event Security 461.425 dpl 565, Fixed Wing 122.750, Conley Security 154.540 pl 114.8

Gladwin radio listeners:  

The news below and what this means to you, the scanner listener, you will need to look at getting a
digital scanner as the older non digital, non trunking scanner will no longer work effectively for Gladwin.
Fire departments certainly will still have their current VHF frequencies for paging purposes.

Gladwin County is in talks with the MPSCS about going digital the next two years.
They will be testing before hand to see if they need an additional radio tower built in the county.
Once that process is finished, they will move accordingly.


New users:
Are you new to scanning or
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Do you have any of these scanner models & need to have it programmed? I have 92 Michigan systems, 6,171 frequencies/talkgroups available!

Uniden: BCD396T & BCD396XT, BCD996T & BCD996XT, 996P2, 325P2, 436HP, 536HP, or Home Patrol


Radio Shack/Whistler/GRE: Pro 96, Pro 2096, Pro 106, Pro 197, Pro 651, Pro 652, WS 1040, WS 1065, GRE 500 or GRE 600

Radio Shack

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Zip Scanners
Radio Shack:

Listing of digital scanners sold at Radio Shack

Radio Shack scanner support

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