Welcome to the Mid Michigan scanner frequency list site!
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This site hosts my Large Mid-Michigan scanner frequency list. I have been editing this list for around 25+ years.

Are you new or planning to get a new digital scanner?

Do you need to have your digital police scanner from Radio Shack or Uniden programmed?


Additionally to put my dad's World War II memoirs online for all to read - He was 'Very Proud' of it.

We have been hearing scuttlebutt that some huge bomb was dropped on Hiroshima......

My dad's World War II Memoirs

Midland radio listeners:  You NEED a digital scanner to listen in now!
So what digital radios work on digital?

 Midland City and County Police public safety are now operating on the MPSCS digital.
 Unless you have a digital scanner you wont get any police calls.

Read updates here.

NEW ==>
Exclusive current digital radio users:
City & County Police, Landfill, Dial a Ride, Department of Public Works,
Garage, Water Department, Wastewater.

Parks and Ambulance dispatch will soon follow to be exclusivly digital.


New users:
Are you new to scanning or
contemplating buying a scanner?


Do you have any of these scanner models & need to have it programmed? I have 92 Michigan systems, 6,171 frequencies/talkgroups available!

Uniden: BCD396T & BCD396XT, BCD996T & BCD996XT436HP, 536HP, or Home Patrol


Radio Shack/Whistler/GRE: Pro 96, Pro 2096, Pro 106, Pro 197, Pro 651, Pro 652, WS 1040, WS 1065, GRE 500 or GRE 600

Radio Shack

Where can I purchase Unidens?


List of sellers

I know of someone in the area who independently sells them. Email for info.
Radio Shack:

Listing of digital scanners sold at Radio Shack

Radio Shack scanner support

If you buy Uniden or do buy Radio Shack, I'll get you 'fully' programmed in short order.

Contact Info:

If you want to email me for specific frequencies, please visit radiodatabase or cityfreq first.
Also take a look at my FAQ section to see if your answer lies there.

If you do want to contact me, do so by clicking on this link to send me an email.

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