The McCartney Recording Sessions



--February 1--

These two songs were recorded at EMI Studios in London:

bulletGive Ireland Back To The Irish
bulletGive Ireland Back To The Irish (version)

        -That same week and before leaving for the University tour on the 9th, the band rehearsed at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. These rehearsals were filmed and the only songs we know of that were performed are (in order): Lucille, The Mess (several takes), Seaside Woman (2 takes), Give Ireland Back To The Irish, Bip Bop, Wild Life, My Love, Blue Moon of Kentucky and Maybellene.




bulletMary Had A Little Lamb

-an alternate mix of this was released in Germany.



--March - December--

Sessions for the Red Rose Speedway album were recorded at the following London studios: Morgan, Olympic, Trident, Island, A.I.R. and EMI. The songs recorded during this time are:

bulletMy Love
bulletBig Barn Bed
bulletOne More Kiss
bulletSingle Pigeon
bulletWhen The Night
bulletLoup (1st Indian On The Moon)
bulletHold Me Tight
bulletLazy Dynamite
bulletHands of Love
bulletPower Cut
bulletMama's Little Girl
bulletCountry Dreamer -recorded September 26th
bulletLive and Let Die -recorded in October
bulletBridge On The River Suite -recorded in October
bulletHi Hi Hi -recorded in November
bulletC Moon -recorded in November
bulletSeaside Woman -recorded November 27th
bulletunknown piano song
bulletThank You Darling
bulletThe Mess
bulletNight Out
bulletJazz Street -recorded November 27th

        -Get On The Right Thing, Little Lamb Dragonfly and I Lie Around were brought out of the vaults and worked on a bit as well. At this point, Bridge On The River Suite merely consisted of Paul's acoustic guitar part. The unknown instrumental piano based song was recorded during the November sessions and can be heard at the start of the radio commercial promoting Hi Hi Hi. Reportedly a jam of C Moon from Sept. 3rd with John Bonham of Led Zeppelin is said to exist but more definitely, a non-reggae alternate version of the same track does exist. Also sitting in the vaults from this time is an all acoustic first take of One More Kiss.


Red Rose Speedway was originally conceived as a double album. The following tracklisting is taken from the double acetate dated Dec.13 1972:

Side 1:
Big Barn Bed
My Love
When The Night
Single Pigeon

Side 2:
Mama's Little Girl
Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)
I Would Only Smile

Side 3:
Country Dreamer
Night Out
One More Kiss
Jazz Street

Side 4:
I Lie Around
Little Lamb Dragonfly
Get On The Right Thing
The Mess I'm In

    -notice the omission of the medley. 1882 and The Mess I'm In (as it was titled on the LP) were both the live versions from the August tour. I Would Only Smile is re-recording of a 1967 Denny Laine song.



--August 20--

A little tune called Complain To The Queen was improvised during an Amsterdam Interview.




--August 21--

bullet The Mess

        -this was recorded live at The Hague, Netherlands on August 21.




--August 22--

bulletBest Friend

        -this was recorded live in Antwerp, Belgium. When this version was planned to be released on the '87 edition of Cold Cuts, it was renamed to Why Do You Treat Me So Bad.


Sometime this year, Paul decided to record another demo for A Love For You even though the song had already been recorded in 1970 during the Ram sessions.