The McCartney Recording Sessions



--January - July--

Sessions for Off The Ground continued at The Mill:

bulletOff The Ground
bulletLooking For Changes
bulletHope of Deliverance
bulletMistress and Maid
bulletI Owe It All To You
bulletGolden Earth Girl
bulletThe Lovers That Never Were
bulletGet Out of My Way
bulletWinedark Open Sea
bulletC'mon People
bulletBig Boys Bickering
bulletLong Leather Coat
bulletKicked Around No More
bulletI Can't Imagine
bulletKeep Coming Back To Love
bulletDown To The River
bulletCosmically Conscious
bulletStyle Style
bulletSweet Sweet Memories
bulletSoggy Noodle

        -some overdubs for Peace In The Neighborhood were also done at this time. Cosmically Conscious was reportedly written in 1968 while in India. Deliverance was a special DJ mix compiled without any input from Paul but included various tracks from the 7 month sessions.




--January 29--


        -this is a classical piece containing two separate songs. It was arranged by Paul and Carl Davis. Appaloosa was written by Linda and Meditation by Paul. This recording was used in the MPL documentary Appaloosa about Linda's horse. This piece was also performed by the Boston Pops and aired on PBS in August.




--Early 1992--

Sessions for the Appaloosa film recorded at The Mill:

bulletAppaloosa Jam
bulletPoison Ivy

        -Appaloosa Jam was written by Linda and recorded by her and Blair Cunningham. Poison Ivy is an instrumental recording as is Blankit.




--September 3--

Sessions at EMI Studios in London:

bulletCalico Skies
bulletGreat Day
bulletWhen Winter Comes

        -these songs were produced with George Martin. Great Day was written in/around 1972 and finally released in 1997.




--October 7 - 9--

bulletStrawberries Oceans Ships Forest

        -only one song was created for this CD. Nine mixes were made from that one track using samples from Off The Ground and other specially recorded sounds from Paul. Also, sampled parts of The Broadcast and Reception from Back To The Egg were used.




--November - December--

bulletIngrained Funkiness
bulletIs It Raining In London?

        -Ingrained Funkiness was a Christmas gift to Linda from Paul, Stella and Heather. A portion of Is It Raining In London was heard in the special Movin' On but the complete version is described as being "simply beautiful". An acoustic version of Hamish performing the song a few years back has been available for some time.