The McCartney Recording Sessions



Paul recorded a piano demo for Standing Stone.



In September, Tropic Island Hum received further overdubs.



Sometime this year, the unreleased song Linda's Jingle was recorded.



The following demos were also registered and logged at MPL during the mid 1990's:

bullet Find Love
bullet Chemical Soup
bullet Another Idea
bullet Wait In The Dark
bullet I Got Love
bullet Can't Get Through To You
bullet Check It Out
bullet If You Ever
bullet Jack Be Nimble
bullet Give Me The Right To Freedom
bullet You Don't Have Nothing
bullet While Away The Hours
bullet Cello In The Ruins
bullet Changing Minds

        -these are probably demos gathered together and given a mass copyright filing. Some titles like Find Love could be Young Boy but MPL did register it as a separate entry meaning it could be different enough on it's own.