The McCartney Recording Sessions



--January 28--

Session at The Mill:

bulletHiroshima Sky Is Always Blue

        -this Yoko original was recorded with all the McCartney's and Yoko and Sean.



--February 22--

Session at Steve Miller's home studio in Sun Valley, Idaho:

bulletYoung Boy

        -recording started on this day and was finished up in the following months.



--March 23--

Performance recorded at St. James Palace in London:

bulletA Leaf
bulletMistress and Maid

        -Mistress and Maid was an acoustic version performed alongside Elvis Costello.




Sessions for Flaming Pie at The Mill:

bulletIf You Wanna
bulletUsed To Be Bad
bullet(Sweet Home) Country Girl
bulletSoul Boy
bulletunknown song
bulletStella May Day
bulletWhole Life
bulletCello In The Ruins

        -the first six songs were recorded with Steve Miller. Stella May Day was a little something Paul worked up for his daughters fashion show and to be played over the speakers. Whole Life was written and recorded with Dave Stewart. Paul would later re-record it in 2003.





Sessions continue for Flaming Pie at The Mill:

bulletThe Song We Were Singing
bulletLittle Willow
bulletThe World Tonight

        -these were the first sessions with Jeff Lynne producing. These sessions were put on hold due to Linda's health but were continued in the following months.



Recorded sometime this year at The Mill were:

bulletLet Me Love You Always
bulletHey Now (what are you looking at me for?)

        -a line from Let Me Love You Always was incorporated into the Rushes track Palo Verde. And Hey Now (what are you looking at me for?) was used in Bison, Auraveda and 7am but more clearly in the Twin Freaks remix of Temporary Secretary with the line 'say goodbye' repeated over and over.



During the broadcast of Oobu Joobu, Paul played a few tracks that remain unknown. They were:

bulleta 50's style instrumental -opened the show, which some have speculated to be a new recording of the 1977 Rude track Twelve of The Clock.
bulletinstrumental with electric fiddle -the fiddle is the solo lifted from Once Upon A Long Ago and keys have an 80's sound as well. Might be from '87.