The McCartney Recording Sessions




Sessions at The Mill:

bulletFlaming Pie

        -these songs continued to be worked on in the following months.




Sessions at The Mill:

bulletReally Love You
bulletBeautiful Night
bulletLooking For You
bulletunknown song

        -these were recorded with Ringo. There is a version of Beautiful Night without the orchestral overdubs that was on an advanced promo tape in early 1997.



--July 23--

Sessions at A.I.R. Studios in London:

bulletA Leaf

        -these orchestral versions were passed over in favor of newly re-recorded ones in 1998.



--September  16 - October--

Sessions at The Mill:

bulletHeaven On A Sunday

        -this song marks the debut of Paul's son, James, on guitar. Overdubs were added to the previously recorded Flaming Pie songs during this time as well.


Sometime this year, the unreleased song Dream Come True was recorded and Paul was seen in a Stella McCartney documentary performing an unknown acoustic fuzz song.