The McCartney Recording Sessions



--February 14--

Session at EMI Studios in London:

bullet Beautiful Night

        -orchestral overdubs were recorded on this day.



--April 30 - May 2--

Sessions at EMI Studios in London:

bulletMovement I - After Heavy Lightyears
bulletMovement II - He Awoke Startled
bulletMovement III - Subtle Colours Merged Soft Contours
bulletMovement IV - Strings Pluck, Horns Blow, Drums Beat

        -sessions for Paul's new symphony, Standing Stone.



--May 17--

Performance at Bishopsgate Memorial Hall in London:

bullet Bishopsgate

        -this impromptu ditty was written backstage and premiered for the world during Paul's VH1 TV special.



--October 14--

bullet Stately Horn
bullet Inebriation

        -live performances at Royal Albert Hall in London.



--December 12--

Sessions at The Mill:

bulletA Room With A View

        -a Noel Coward cover specifically recorded for a fund raiser cd.  



Copyrights were registered for the following unreleased songs this year:

bulletCome On, Baby, Don't You Do It
bulletBaby, Won't You Come Home With Me
bullet Wings of A Lightest Weight

        -Wings of A Lightest Weight is registered as being written by both James (Paul's son) and Paul.