The McCartney Recording Sessions



 --March 7--

Paul recorded a new version of Band On The Run for the BBC with the subtitle A Different Perspective. He used wine glasses and backwards piano for some of the sounds. An edit of this version was released on the DVD that accompanied the 2010 remaster of Band On The Run as a music bed to the Wings In Lagos footage.



McCartney and his band record around 9 demos at The Mill in preparation for a new album.




Sessions for the Memory Almost Full album started at EMI Studios in London. Songs recorded then were:

bullet You Tell Me
bullet Only Mama Knows
bullet Vintage Clothes
bullet That Was Me
bullet Feet In The Clouds
bullet House of Wax
bullet The End of The End
bullet Whole Life

        -soon after these sessions with producer David Kahne started Paul started another album project with Nigel Godrich. These sessions here were put on hold until after Paul and Nigel's work was released as Chaos and Creation In The Backyard in 2005. Whole Life was recorded and released for a special CD project and was not intended for Memory Almost Full.




Sessions for Chaos and Creation In The Backyard were started at RAK Studios in London. Songs taped then were:

bullet Follow Me
bullet This Never Happened Before
bullet Comfort of Love
bullet Riding To Vanity Fair

        -this is the fast version of Riding To Vanity Fair that Nigel persuaded Paul to stop working on and revamp the song in a later session.



Copyrights were registered for the following songs this year:

bullet Diving Song 1
bullet Diving Song 2


Early in the year, A Love For You was brought of the vaults and final overdubs were applied so the song would be ready for release and Paul made a version of Band On the Run using wine glasses and harmonium.