The McCartney Recording Sessions



 --late 2004 - April 2005--

Sessions continued for Chaos and Creation at Ocean Way Recording in LA:

bullet Jenny Wren
bullet English Tea
bullet Promise To You Girl
bullet Anyway
bullet She Is So Beautiful


Sessions then moved to A.I.R. Studios in London to record:

bullet Fine Line
bullet Friends To Go
bullet Too Much Rain
bullet How Kind of You
bullet Summer of '59

        -strings were also recorded for At The Mercy, English Tea, Anyway and Riding To Vanity Fair during this time as well as past songs continued to be worked on.



Unknown sessions for Chaos and Creation recorded at either RAK, A.I.R. or Ocean Way Studios between November 2003 and April 2005 resulted in:

bullet I've Only Got Two Hands
bullet A Modern Dance
bullet Watching My Fish Drown
bullet Perfect Lover

        -the last 3 unreleased songs were slated to be released as b-sides on the cancelled 3rd single, This Never Happened Before. Paul stated 30 songs were recorded in all. Perfect Lover was actually reworked as Ever Present Past, with slight changes in the words ('perfect lover' changed to 'descent lover') but the arrangement was changed altogether. The original was more folksier, not unlike Friends To Go and there was a different bridge as well. Godrich didn't like the song and this was the one that he had referred to as crap during one session the next day as Paul has mentioned (same went for That Was Me and See Your Sunshine). Which means there's only 5 songs left we have no information on.



The following unreleased song was performed during soundchecks for the 2005 tour:

bullet Miami Beach

        -a version appeared on the US DVD but suffered from voiceover during the first half.



The following unreleased songs had copyrights registered in January:

bullet Rain Go Away Song
bullet Soundcheck Jazz Riff


While filming the Abbey Road Chaos and Creation TV special, Paul wrote and recorded the song, That's All For Now, on the spot.