The McCartney Recording Sessions



--late March - April 21 & July--

Sessions for Memory Almost Full picked back up after a 2 year hiatus. The following songs were recorded at The Mill in Sussex, Henson Studios in LA, RAK and A.I.R. Studios in London and SeeSquared Studios in New York:

bulletNod Your Head
bulletWhy So Blue
bulletIn Private
bulletMr. Bellamy
bulletSee Your Sunshine
bulletEver Present Past

        -the songs from the first batch of sessions back in October 2003 were also worked on and updated during this time as well. Mr. Bellamy, Ever Present Past, Gratitude, Nod Your Head and In Private was recorded in March all on the same day. Why So Blue was one of the first songs the band recorded but McCartney re-recorded it during this time. It's been stated that between 20-25 songs were recorded so that leaves us with 4-9 songs we don't know anything about other than the fact that they were not finished.


Paul's new classical piece, Ecce Cor Meum, was recorded this year at EMI Studios in London.


A copyright was registered for the following song this year which may be Juggler Fanfare (the music heard at the start of MPL DVD's) from August 1981:

bullet Fanfare