The following are links to various frequency list that I have collected from various sources.  Some are links to other internet sites, some are links to pages I have prepared.



Air Frequencies -  This is a list I have gathered of local and regional air frequencies.  Most of these have been monitored from my station.

AirNav - This link provides free detailed aeronautical information on airports and navigational aids in the USA. We offer some fast database searches, allowing the pilot to retrieve information which may assist in flight planning. It's also useful for some hangar flying on those days when the weather or the checkbook keep you on the ground.

Citizens Band -  The ole good buddy band.  In case you have some reason to need these frequencies, here they are.

Family Radio Service - These radios are becoming very popular for family usage.  With no license required, they have become the hit for mall shopping, sporting events, and other gathering.

General Mobile Radio Service  -  Similar to the Family Radio Service, the GMRS is open to the public.  Scan them, you might find something interesting.

Maritime Frequencies - If you are around the coast, or inland waters, scan these.

Military VHF & UHF Frequencies - Catch those hi-fliers and military command centers. 

NASCAR Winston Cup Frequencies - If you are going to the track, take your scanner and catch all the action.

Television Audio Frequencies - Use your scanner to listen to television audio.