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I have been taking photos off and on for almost 50 years. I started out with my mother's Brownie box camera and worked my way through a series of 127 format Kodak's. Then a Minolta 35mm range finder, through a few Pocket 110's, a 35mm Pentax K1000 and a 5MP digital Minolta Dimage 7HI. My last purchase was a Canon 20D, for which I have three lenses a 50 mm, an 18 - 55 mm and a 75 - 300mm. Since I went digital I have been have a ton more fun shooting photos. Though the initial cost was a bit much, it has not cost anything to take and see the photos. Unlike film, that one has to buy then pay for processing.
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Trip Reports.
Porcupine Mountain Trip Report

South Dakota Trip Report

All photos have been down sized, and resolution is reduced, from originals.

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