Trip to the Porkies

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day 1
We left the house about 6 in the morning, heading north. About an hour and a quater later we stopped in St. Ignace, just across the bridge, for breakfast. Our next stop was just west of Baraga, at a road side park. There we checked out our first water fall, a unnamed falls on the Tioga River.
unnamed falls Tioga River
We could have stopped at many more falls, but those, we will save them for other trips. Got to Silver City, just outside the park at a quarter past 2, where we ate a late lunch. About 3pm, we arrived at the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, at the Union Bay campground, checked in and set up camp. Then took a short drive to the escarpment, overlooking the lake of the clouds.
Big Carp River, Porcupine Mountains Big Carp River, Porcupine Mountains Lake Of The Clouds, Porcupine Mountains
Afterwards we had supper in camp. Here are a few views of the Lake Superior shore line, at our camp.
Union Bay, Superior Shore, Porcupine Mountains Union Bay, Superior Shore, Porcupine Mountains
The drive up was a typical Michigan summer drive, through 100 plus miles of road construction, little more than 1/4 the way. The traffic was very light, and the drive enjoyable.

day 2
Slept great, got up late. Anyway, we took off to see the water falls in the park. The day was very warm, humid and buggy. Just off the South Boundry Road we stopped to see Overlook Falls and Greenstone Falls on the Little Carp River.
Overlook Falls, Porcupine Mountains Greenstone Falls, Porcupine Mountains
The walk to these falls was not the modern walk, but the trail was marked. At times there were planks over the mucky springs along the river, the rest was typical of the north woods, rocky and root.
Smooth Trail
Then, we were off to the Presque Isle River, at the west end of the park. There we took a good look at Manido, Manabezho and the unnamed falls.
Manido Falls, Porcupine Mountains Manabezho Falls, Porcupine Mountains unnamed falls Presque Isle River, Porcupine Mountains unnamed falls Presque Isle River, Porcupine Mountains
We also crossed the suspension bridge to the island, at the mouth of the presque isle for a look at Lake Superior. Da Boys thought it was all great fun, and I am now afraid that the "camping" word will not be mentioned at home, now, for they will go crazy thinking it is time to go again.
da Boys
When we got back to camp all the boys did was sleep. It rained a bit that evening, though it did not spoil the day.

day 3
Our next venture was to the Black River, so we left the park to see the water falls there. The first stop was the Great Conglomerate Falls, which was a 3/4 of a mile in, all down hill.
mom and da Boys Great Conglomerate Falls, Black River Great Conglomerate Falls, Black River Great Conglomerate Falls, Black River
After photographing that one, we then saw a sign saying only a half mile to the next two falls. Like dummies we fell for it. so off we went. hmmm as the crow flies, a half mile maybe. to the Potawatomi and Gorge Falls. The stairs at Gorge Falls was closed for repairs, but, after that walk I thought I was owed a look. So I climbed the barricade and shot that one.
Potawatomi Falls, Black River Gorge Falls, Black River
The funny one on us, was we discovered we could have driven to these falls and walked in a hundred feet. oh crap! So we decided, to walk out to the road to get back to the van instead of retracing our treck back to the start. It was a short walk out to the road, but da boys being very tired, I left the shelley to watch da boys as I walked back to get the van. on the way, I found a fawn, it was new this year, hiding long side the road. When mom leaves they lay down and still till she gets back. I really wanted to stoke it but did not, just took the photos. Tis the second one ever I have found and it really made my day.
This day was very hot and humid, though we had some breeze as a large storm center was on it's way. On the way back to camp, we stopped off an had ice cream in Bessemer. When we got back we let da boys play in the lake, it was a nice cool down for them, though at 40F or so, the water was a bit too cold for us. That night the ranger came by and said to take down the screen tent as they were expecting high winds. Well, all it did was rain and thunder, boy that thunder sure echoes through the mountains.

day 4
We took off for some easy falls. First off was Bonanza Falls
Bonanza Falls Bonanza Falls Bonanza Falls
then off to Bond Falls
Bond Falls top quarter Bond Falls 2nd quarter Bond Falls 3rd quarter Bond Falls 4th quarter Bond Falls Bond Falls
and Agate Falls.
Agate Falls
On the way back to the park, we got to see a 2 year old bear cub run across the road in front of us. I never would have had a chance to stop and get out the camera, he was just hauling tail. drat. I think they can run about 30 mph. Once back in the park we stopped off to see Union falls.
Little Union Falls bottom Little Union Falls
That night it cleared off and i was able to get out the 6" scope. We had a look at Jupiter before I put it away, as the dew was so heavy that it felt like it had rained. As I was putting the scope away, the northern lights showed thenselves, just a band of light, east to west (horizon to horizon) curving to the south, sort of rain bow shape. I tried to photograph it but they did not show, as I had some day time settings on the camera. :-(

day 5
The trip home was very nice. We did not stop except for fuel and breakfast.

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