About Raytoons...


Who am I?

My name is Raymond Mullikin. I am a Cartoonist, Animator and Credentialed Teacher. I have published cartoons in books, magazines, newspapers, and e-cards. I have created my own video games and software (and designed this webpage). I have also created animated film shorts for film festivals in the United States and Canada. I have also been teaching claymation and cartooning to young students for many years throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Click here to see my old comics that I created when I was a kid...

Where can I find your books?

Interested in buying my books? Both my paperback books and ebooks can be found on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble. I also have eBooks in iTunes as well.

Do you teach classes on cartooning?

Yes I do. I also teach classes in Comic Book Creation, Comic Book Production, Video Game Design, 2D Animation, Interactive Storybookmaking, Claymation/Stopmotion, Photoshop, and Webdesign. See class locations at the bottom of the page.