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    Support any of my projects on Patreon and be able to get signed artwork by Raymond Mullikin.

    You can also get comic books, games, and graphic novels before they are officially released.

    On Patreon, you can also purchase a persolaized edition comic with a picture of you integrated onto the cover.
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    Sign up for Raytoons Classes!

    I teach the following classes every year in San Luis Obispo County:
    Video Game Creation I & II, Cartooning, Comic Book Making & Publishing, 2D Computer Animation, 2D Traditional Cel Animation, Claymation, Interactive Fiction Game Making, Tabletop Game Building.
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    The Raytoons Store

    Click on the link above to visit the Raytoons Store to buy comics and books. The Quackup Comic Series is now available here.
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    Go here to get my games for Windows, Android and iOS. There also online Flash Games that you can play here as well.

    Raytoons Adventure is an arcade game about a cartoonist who is trapped in a world of his own creation... And his own cartoons are out to get him!

    Quack Attack is an adventure game where you go on a quest to keep the lands safe from aliens & monsters.

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    Email List Sign-Up

    Sign up and receive emails on Raytoons products, classes, and events.
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    Advertise at Raytoons

    Place an ad in a Raytoons Comic Book for as low as $75!
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    Raytoons Films

    Watch Raytoons on YouTube! Features videos by Raymond Mullikin and his students.
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    Raytoons on Kickstarter!

    The previous "Jonathin Quackup" campaigns on Kickstarter have been a success! Kickstarter is the place to go, if you are interested in getting a "personalized" edition cover with your face on it!