If you need to know who owns a cellular phone number, the people at Phone Search Central can help you get the information you need. They are able to give you the current account holder's name and billing address on any cellular, home or business telephone number. They also perform other useful searches, such as giving you the phone numbers that are working at any given address or finding a cellular phone number from just a person's name and social security number. Try them out at the following URL:

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PLA's Private Investigator Resources  
Here is a page that links to a lot of important places. That you need to see. Immediately. So click here to visit them.

This page contains many free resources for tracking a person down, such as checking addresses, reversing phone numbers and doing reverse address lookups. I try to keep these resources updated as often as possible. If the resources on this page don't find what you're looking for, consider working with a professional to check criminal backgrounds, do cellular phone number reverse lookups, get unlisted phone numbers, etc. It's cheaper than you might think. and

United States Post Office Who better to count on than the post office guys themselves? Using the following form, you can enter in an address, city and state and it'll give you the CORRECT address and zip-plus-four code.

Delivery Address
ZIP Code

Exchange Locators:
Enter an area code and prefix in either of the forms below to find out where they are located and what provider they're with. Fone Finder will even tell you which cellular carrier an exchange is with. DSLreports will tell you the physical location of the phone company central office and what other exchanges are serviced by the same CO. Switchboard will give you phone listings.

Fone Finder (Area Code / Prefix) (Area Code / Prefix) (Area Code / Prefix)
Hamilton Exchange Finder This site lets you pick an area code and scroll through all the prefixes to find out the city and phone company it belongs to. Even works for cellular numbers.

US WEST Yellow Pages Look up a business by name, type of business, their address or their telephone number. This isn't as great as the old Ameritech site was but it's better than nothing.

Business Name:
City: Surrounding Area
State: Zip Code:
Phone: - -

The Directory This directory has an area code/prefix lookup. You pick any area code in the United States. Then you get a listing of every prefix in that state which tells you exactly what city the exchange is located in.

WhoWhere? In addition to search for residential phone numbers, business listings and e-mail addresses, Whowhere will search for home pages, the entire net, people who share your interests and people who use internet phones.

E-mail Addresses

Companies Online

Phone Numbers & Addresses
Last Name:
First Name:

National Address ServerThe part that is interesting/helpful about this is that it will take a name and address that you input and create a GIF file with the name and address info along with the postal bar code.

Apartment Lookup Service You can get a listing of all the apartments in a given area by typing a city and state into this form. Great if you want to quiz the apartment manager about a tenant's unlisted telephone number. A large directory of e-mail and people directory services.

U.K. Yellow Pages

Telephone Directories A listing of different telephone directories on the web from different countries. The largest and most complete genealogy resource.'s Area Code Lookup Put in an area code and it'll tell you where it's located. Looks like it might be a pay site, haven't looked it over yet.

E-mail lookup Look up a person by last name, city and state:

Last Name: (partial okay)
First Name:
Street Name:
State: Zip Code:

Bigfoot E-mail Lookup This is a pretty good e-mail searching site. Just enter a name or alias into the form below and you'll get a good-sized list of matches.

Cellphone Directory This site claims to be able to reverse search cellular phones. So far it's failed for me but maybe it'll get better...for now it's probably better to just use a service like this to figure out who owns a cell phone.

Google I cannot stress how amazingly incredible Google is at everything. Put anything you want into the form below and Google will find something on it. You can even put in a phone number and Google will reverse lookup the number if it's listed, sometimes even giving you previous owners of the number, as well as current.


Canada Post The Canadian Post Office web site. It offers a lot of the same address lookup features as the USPS.GOV site does, but for Canadian addresses.

Canada 411 Directory Lookup This site will look up businesses and residences in Canada. Unfortunately it won't do reverse lookups on phone numbers.

555-1212 This is just a big page of search directories that puts your query into about four different search forms but you still have to click on them each individually. Nice concept but poor design. Let's you search phone numbers, e-mail addresses and web pages.

SwitchBoard You know the drill...

Sales Leads USAI was going to include the form for this service, but apparently they just use the forms from databaseamerica for their "free" lookup services. Oh well, this one has some mailing lists you can buy from them. Databaseamerica is listed further down...

InfoSpace Search Standard lookups of businesses and residences. Also does reverse lookups on phone numbers. Looking for someone in a particular city? This list shows just about every internet provider in any given city, lets you list by areas or search for specific servers. Great for figuring out what ISP your target is on.

MapQuest Enter any address in the United States and you'll get a map of that area with a dot showing exactly where the address is located. Let's you pan around & zoom in on areas. This thing rules.

E-mail address finding tools This is a page put up by Harvard, listing many e-mail searching tools and other useful net-finding links.

The Awesome List of All Internet Search Engines and Online Directories This is a huge list of supposedly everything.

Another one of those dumb phone directory things but this one has the advantage of looking up a business under the "type of business" catagory.

Fone Finder Put in an area code and prefix into this form and you'll find out the phone company, which switch it's out of and what city it's located in. Even if it's a cellular phone it'll tell you which cellular company owns the number.
United States Selective Service System Gives you the ability to verify your selective service registration, presenting you with your selective service number and registration date.


The following companies can help you find information. While they're not free, many are professionals that can get you the results you need for a fee.

  • The Stalker's Homepage An excellent source for anyone who wants to know stuff they shouldn't. Includes search engine/people finder forms all on one page, social security number databases and ANI blocking services.
  • 1-800-US-SEARCH These are the guys who do heavy advertising on all the morning talk show breaks, along with the psychic friends and other infomercials. That should tell you something...
  • PI Magazine Although the subscription price really sucks, it's a great source for anyone interested in this type of thing.
  • Spies Online A listing of different URLs to things like anonymous e-mailers, information brokers and search engines.
  • Information Unlimited Lots of spy equipment, kits and related things.
  • Infosnoop
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