Emulators and Frontend
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I use the following videogame systems on my arcade:

System Emulator
Arcade MAME v67b
Nintendo VirtuaNES
Super Nintendo zSNES (Use zSNESfe) **
Sega Genesis Gens (Use GensFE) **
Sega Master System Meka
Playstation ePSXe
Atari 2600 z26 (Use Version with MAME keys) **

** These emulators have been modified to be more arcade cabinet friendly. Grab them at the files page.

For even more modified emulators, visit the Screenshot Archive.

Front End

I use MAMEWAH as my frontend for several reasons. It is simple, very customizable and has a ton of useful features. There are already a lot of very good skins available. Unfortunately, I have found that most of these existing skins are not very readable on a TV. So I ended up making my own TV friendly skins. I have a skin for each system on my arcade. Here are some screenshots of them in action: (click to enlarge to 1024x768)

(The space backgrounds are from the Art of Greg Martin.)

Download my MAMEWAH layouts.

MAMEWAH Configuration

Setting up MAMEWAH can be a pain, especially the very first time. Fortunately, there is some help available. A tutorial is can be found at the Screenshot Archive. You can also view the MAMEWAH settings for most emulators at the Screenshot Archive. Although I have never tried it, there is even a MAMEWAH setup program. Listed below are some of the trickier MAMEWAH configs.

Nintendo - VirtuaNES

MAMEWAH Settings:

Show DOS Box = 0
Send ROM Path = True
Use Long Filenames = True
Send ROM Extension = True

Mapping the escape key to exit (Windows version):

Open virtuanes.ini and change this line:


to this:


Sega Genesis - Gens

Use GensFE that is available for download here

Super Nintendo - zSnes

Use zSnesFE that is available for download here

Playstation - ePSXe

Here is how you can use batch files to launch ePSXe:

First, make a new bat file. For example: epsxe.bat. Next, open the new file with notepad and then fill it with:

epsxe.exe -nogui -loadbin %1

In Mamewah, set this file up as your emulator. Also, set ROM Extension to bin and rename all of your psx image exstensions to bin. Now, Mamewah will load the command line epsxe.exe -nogui -loadbin %1 replacing %1 with the game in your list.

Atari 2600 - z26

Use z26 that has been modified to use the default MAME keyboard mappings. It is available for download here