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This Site Is About Building Your Own Arcade

Site Layout:

Plans - A Step by Step Guide
Results - Photos of the Finished Product and a Comprehensive Parts List.
Files - Templates, Plans, Screenshots, Modified Emulators and More...
Emulators - Which Emulators I Use and How to configure them for an Arcade Front End
Links - Sites that Contain Invaluable Information about Building and Playing Arcades.

7-3-04 - Vectorized Simpsons Marquee

It's available at the Arcade Art Library. I plan on undertaking the side art next.

5-23-04 - Edited Plans, Edited Everything!

I finally had a chance to revamp the plans and edit the rest of the site. This is a large update that I have been slowly working on the past few months. I added lots of stuff. Check it out!

1-18-04 - Minor Updates and Fixes

I had a nice 3 day weekend with plenty of time to spare. So I revamped the emulator section and fixed some links in the links section. There will be more updates to come when I have some more free time

1-08-04 - I wrote a guide that is in dire need of editing

A belated Happy Holidays!  I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing arcade games over my break.  Sadly, it is over and went by way too quick!

Over the break, I did a massive overhaul of the site.  The biggest change is the Step by Step Guide that I wrote.  I hope that you find it helpful and useful.  The old site did not turn out how I planned and the sections that I had originally created were confusing as well as sparse.  These failures motivated me to redo parts of the site.  The next section that needs to be revamped is the Emulator page.  I will work on it when I have a chance.

11-30-03 - Atari Screens

I packaged and uploaded 490 ATARI 2600 Screenshots for use in a frontend. Go get 'em in the files section

10-14-03 - Small update

I planned on doing an update almost a month ago, but that did not happen. Sorry if you were actually waiting for something.

9-22-03 - Things aren't right

I originally planned on doing an elaborate write up about how I constructed my Arcade. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of my the process, and therefore I decided it would be a waste. Who wants to read 14 pages of text about woodworking? If I can build an arcade anyone can - just plan extensively and progress slowly. If you want to know how I did something, email me.

In other dull news, I added a few links, updated the emulator section and put up some wallpapers in the file section that have absolutely nothing to do with Arcades. When I get bored, sometimes I make wallpapers. I have managed to loose many of them over the years so now they have a much needed home.

7-22-03 - The beginning

Links, Files and Results Pages up. More will be online soon. Check back!