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Internal Medicine
Medical Problems of Adults
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Internal Medicine


An internist can provide general medical care and provide specialized treatment of more serious medical problems. Internal Medicine specialists receive three years of advanced training in medical problems of adults and the elderly. When necessary we will refer you to other specialists, but we can evaluate and treat you for a wide variety of problems commonly encountered by adults, including:


While we practice all areas of Internal Medicine, our office concentrates on the intensive treatment of Diabetic patients. There is a particular need for modern, state of the art diabetic care in the Muskegon area as it leads the nation in complications of diabetes such as heart attacks, end stage renal failure, and leg amputations. Intensive treatment can help to reduce the incidence of these complications of diabetes.


Many primary care doctors will care for you in the office but refer you to a different doctor should you require hospitalization. We care for our patients both in the office and when hospitalized at Mercy Hospital. We also prefer to offer preventive care to intervene in potential medical conditions before they cause serious problems.


Diagnostic Testing


To help make medical care more convenient for our patients, we perform many of the

diagnostic tests necessary for comprehensive medical care within our office.


Performing many diagnostic studies in the office can greatly reduce the time between when

the patient is seen and results are available for our review, allowing us to more rapidly make

changes when tests indicate a need for changes in treatment. Often test results are available

at the time a patient is seen in the office. We perform some laboratory testing, tests on the

heart including EKG’s and heart monitors, tests to evaluate lung problems, tests on

circulation, and tests to evaluate nerve damage from diabetes.