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Internal Medicine
Medical Problems of Adults
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Your Medical Home


Your primary care physician ‘s office is your “medical home.” All care should be coordinated through your primary care physician. Unless there is an emergency which cannot wait, you should call our office first when you have a medical problem as opposed to going to a Med Center or Emergency Room. Patients can generally be seen the same day on the days we are open, with evening hours available.


Insurance and Payment


We accept Medicare and most private insurance plans. We are not accepting new Medicaid patients at this time. We will submit all necessary insurance claims to your insurance. The patient is responsible for all deductible and co-payment amounts not covered by insurance and should be prepared to pay their portion at the time of service.


Prescription Refills


Routine prescription refills are generally sent electronically to your pharmacy. Should you need a refill on a long term medication, call your pharmacy and they will send a request to us for the refill. We recommend requesting refills three business days before they are needed in case we need to contact you before the refill is authorized. Any refills for controlled substances should be requested at the time of your appointment and will not be handled after hours.


Test Results


Some test results will be available at the time of your appointment and other test results will be provided by phone or mail Please note that, due to the large amount of routine laboratory work necessary to monitor patients in an Internal Medicine practice, it is not feasible to contact all patients with all laboratory results. Many routine studies for chronic disease are best reviewed at follow-up appointments. We will contact you if your tests show signs of a new medical problem or if a change is indicated in your treatment.


We regularly contact patients with results of tests like lipid panels that they can act upon by measures such as diet. We also make a point of contacting patients after tests that we feel they may be particularly concerned about, such as tests for cancer (including Pap smears and Mammograms) or other potentially serious problems. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about your test results.


Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy and the privacy of your medical information. A full copy of our privacy policy is posted in the office and can also be seen by clicking here.