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Diabetes Self Management Goals


I will work to maintain a normal blood sugar and Hemoglobin A1C by losing weight (if overweight). I will reduce the amount of high fat foods such as fried foods and limit foods with simple sugars. I will eat more fruits and vegetables. I will eat more salads with low fat dressing.


I will exercise regularly, such as walking at least 30 minutes at least four days per week


I will keep regular appointments for monitoring of blood sugar, Hemoglobin A1C, and other tests


I will wash my feet every day and check for blisters or sores


I will remove my shoes and socks at appointments so the doctor can examine my feet


If I smoke I will try to reduce and ultimately discontinue the amount that I smoke


I will take a baby aspirin daily unless I am allergic to aspirin or otherwise unable to take aspirin. I will discuss the use of aspirin with my doctor if I have stomach irritation from it or if I have asthma.


I will have an eye exam every year (or as recommended by my primary care doctor and eye doctor).


I will monitor blood sugars at home as recommended and bring my readings to each appointment. Monitoring should include a combination of pre-meal readings and readings about two hours after eating. These can be obtained on different days if instructed to check once a day.


I will attend diabetes classes as recommended


I will take medications as prescribed. I will attempt to know my medications by name. If I cannot remember the names and how much of each medication I take I will bring them with me to my appointments.


I will have an influenza vaccine every year and other vaccines such as a Pneumovax as recommended


I will contact my doctor when sick or follow instructions provided for sick days