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Medical Problems of Adults
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Congestive Heart Failure Self Management Goals


I will limit my salt consumption. This includes avoiding foods which are high in salt along with not putting extra salt on food.


I will follow a low fat diet.


If I smoke I will try to reduce and ultimately discontinue the amount that I smoke


I will take medications as prescribed. I will attempt to know my medications by name. If I cannot remember the names and how much of each medication I take I will bring them with me to my appointments.


I will notify my doctor if I have increased swelling or increased difficulty breathing, wheezing, or chest pain


I will notify my doctor if I suddenly have to sleep sitting up in a chair, or with extra pillows


I will weigh myself daily and notify my doctor if I gain three or more pounds over two days


I will have an influenza vaccine every year and other vaccines such as a Pneumovax as recommended