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Michael Benninger
John Bickel
Philip Bickel
Anton Gallitz
Meinhard Haseleu
Otto Klug
John C Kohn
Christian Kuntz jr
Anton Nagler
John Neuberger
Friedrich Scheele
Johann George Soldner jr
John Sumnicht
George Weihert
Frank Wolfgram
Charles Yerges


When German families at Reeseville transferred their farms to the next generation in the 19th century, they often signed bonds of maintenance (known as Altenteil or "old folks part").  These were agreements that served as extra security for payment of the mortgage that was executed at the time the deed was drawn up.  These agreements provided that the child who obtained the farm was to provide his parents with specified items for their maintenance.  As one can see, these agreements were very specific.  One can also see that the agreements placed a very heavy burden, not upon the inheriting son, but upon his wife and daughters. Their work and the product of their labors were the main items to be provided under the terms of the agreements.

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