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(taken from the editions of The Reeseville Review)

16 Feb 1894:  J.W. Etscheid is to erect a large and attractive store building, 20x50' with offices above.

23 Feb 1894:  Work is progressing rapidly on J.W. Etscheid's new store.

2 Mar 1894:  J.W. Etscheid's new store is up and the first floor is to be occuped by E.B. Fischer as a drug store.  The second story is for offices.

9 Mar 1894:  A new addition is being built onto the Commercial Hotel.

13 Apr 1894:  C. Reinhard is making preparation for the erection of a new residence on S. Main.

4 May 1894:  George Runkel has purchased 25 feet of the lot north of P. Reinhard's store for $450.  We understand that George is to put up a new building and start a saloon.  J.J. Solon is building an addition to his barn.

11 May 1894:  George Runkel proposes to put up a building on his newly purchased lot.  For sale by Thomas Newman:  dwelling house and 2 lots on Hilliker St. (opposite John Kohn's residence)

18 May 1894:  E.B Fischer has moved from the Woodward place into the house vacated by P. Kaulbach.

8 June 1894:  C. Reinhard has excavated ground for a cellar and is ready to begin work on his new residence.  George Runkel has his newly purchased lot ready for the builders.

22 June 1894:  The masons have been at work on C. Reinhard's new house.  George Runkel's new building is nearly enclosed.

29 June 1894:  James Tennien has purchased the Dr. Kuentzel residence for $1000.  Robert Moore has purchased the S. Woodward residence for $1500.

6 July 1894:  Real estate sales in the village:  August Fisher to Chas. Fisher, house and 2 lots on Hilliker St. for $425; C.A. Buss to Aug Fisher, residence and blacksmith shop on S. Main for $2000

13 July 1894:  C.W. Weber is moving his old store building to the opposite side of the street in order to make room for a new store on the site of the old building.  The new store's dimensions are 24x46 feet and is 2 stories tall.

20 July 1894:  The front is being placed on George Runkel's new building.  The framework of C. Reinhard's new residence is up and enclosed.  Roth and Acker are the contractors.  Fire destroyed the residence of Robert Lau Saturday evening.  The loss was between $500 and $1000. A small part of the furniture and bedding was saved.

27 July 1894:  William Dauffenbach has completed a good-sized addition to his residence and store.

10 Aug 1894:  Fire destroyed grain and buildings, with the exception of the house, on the Hugh McGovern farm Wednesday morning.  2000 to 3000 bushels of grain were lost.  $1000 to $2000 total loss.  A separator was destroyed.  The fire originated with threshing taking place on the farm.

17 Aug 1894:  J.J. Solon is putting up a large machine shed on the lot in back of his residence.  Otto Dauffenbach has sold his residence on S. Main to Jas. Tennien for $825.

7 Sept 1894:  H.L. Snow has sold his residence on S. Main to Christian Kuntz for $775.

14 Sept 1894:  Th. Newman has sold his house and lot on Hilliker St. to Aug. Bickel for $800.  Jas. Tennien has moved into the newly purchased Otto Dauffenbach house.

21 Sept 1894:  Fr. Wobig has rented out his farm south of here and expects to move to the village and build a house in the fall.  H.L. Snow has purchased the lot next to Christian Kuntz and will put up a house.  John Kohn is moving his saloon building and tearing down a shed in preparation to putting up a new 24x46 foot saloon building with a hall above.

28 Sept 1894:  Bickel Bros. are moving their meat market to make room for a new two story building.  John Kohn is laying the foundation for a new building at the corner of o Main and Hilliker Streets.  Is to be 44x46 feet with 2 rooms below and a hall above.

5 Oct 1894:  P.J. Conery's place is being overhauled and will be used as a residence by George Runkel.

19 Oct 1894:  Oscar Swanitz has leased a strip of land between Philip Ruedig and P. Keaveny's place and is to put up a new harness shop.  Jos. Griffin is to occupy the newly vacated house of C.A. Buss.  The Chas. Steinacker family is moving into the house occupied by Mrs. Flavin and she will move into the Reinhard house.  ____ Krueger is at work on the foundation of H.L. Snow's new residence.  _____ has purchased the two lots next to the Reformed parsonage, the consideration being $340 and is to put up a new residence.

25 Oct 1894:  J.J. Solon's house is painted and Dr. P.G. Kuentzel's house is reshingled.  W.H. Snow of Kimball, South Dakota is here to build a house for his son, H.L. Snow.

2 Nov 1894:  Stone is being hauled for the new Bickel block.  Kohn and Steinacker's new 2 story building is progressing rapidly.

9 Nov 1894:  J. J. Solon has bought of John Kohn the north part of the lot on Main Street between Kohn's new building and the depot.  He will put up a bank building and office/machinery warehouse.

23 Nov 1894:  Carpenters are finished with Oscar Swanitz' new building.

21 Dec 1894:  Work on the foundation and frame of J.J. Solon's new bank building is underway.