About REM Software

We at Really Early Morning Software strive to make only the best products.  Right now, our products are limited to AppleScript solutions, but we may come out with other products in the future.  Our AppleScripts are known throughout the world: the Stupid AppleScript Games have been included in many magazines, including several Japanese publications.  Automate ASR is being used by Apple Computer themselves to image the 36,000 iBooks in the public schools of Maine.

Really Early Morning Software is a two-man company.  The co-founders, Matt Garrison and Kynan Shook, are both students at The University of Wisconsin - Madison, though they met several years beforehand.  Both of them are self-taught and highly skilled in AppleScript, C++, Java, TI-BASIC, and HTML (well, not highly skilled in HTML ;-).

Some may ask why we call our company Really Early Morning Software.  The answer is that there simply is no better time to program than under a Mountain-Dew enhanced state at about 3 or 4 in the morning.  How else would you find someone wacky enough to make an AppleScript program that makes the computer play the card game War with itself?  I mean really, that's just unnatural!

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