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Earl's Access | iTunes Timer

Earl's Access 1.0


(Download - 41K)

Earl's Access is a pair of scripts that allows you to keep an address book of frequently-connected-to Shared Libraries in iTunes 4.  Unfortunately, iTunes will forget what it was connected to when you either quit it or change your network location, so running a quick script from the iTunes Script menu will reconnect you to all your favorite streams for all your music sharing cravings.  Earl's access runs only under OS X and is freeware.

Donations for Earl's Access are strongly appreciated, and can be made via PayPal here.

iTunes Timer 1.0.2


(Download - 49K)

iTunes Timer is an AppleScript Studio app to calculate the total time iTunes has been playing.  It can perform the calculation on any playlist or the whole library.  In other words, you can see exactly how much time you've wasted listening to your music library!

iTunes Timer requires OS X and iTunes 3.  iTunes Timer 1.0.2 fixes a small bug that prevented the program from running on playlists containing streams.

Donations for iTunes Timer are strongly appreciated, and can be made via PayPal here.

More to come!

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