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Factormania! 2.0


(Download - 108K)

Factormania! is an AppleScript Studio application that performs some basic mathematical factoring methods on numbers and equations.  Namely, it will complete the square, factor a natural number into its primes, factor a square root radical to be simplified, factor a trinomial into two binomials, run a trinomial through the qudaratic equation, and more.

With the news of having to pay for webhosting (fiddlesticks on Apple!), we have been forced to charge for a software product.  Don't worry—it's only $5, but Factormania! won't factor any numbers containing even digits (except 0) until you register.  The generosity of a measily ten people will keep us in business, providing a handful of useful and interesting AppleScript products.  You can purchase a registration key for Factormania! via PayPal here or by clicking the "Purchase Online" button in the application itself.  Thanks for your support!

Version 2.0 Changes:

Rock, Paper, Cocoa 1.0


(Download - 87K)

Rock, Paper, Cocoa is the natural progression of Rock, Paper, AppleScript™, à la War to War Extreme.  It takes the similarly basic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to incredible new heights. Or depths. Or whichever is worse, because quite frankly, I'm not sure either truly does this program justice.

Three distinct versions of the game are included, for your complete and utter displeasure:
Donations for Rock, Paper, Cocoa are strongly appreciated, and can be made via PayPal here.

Stupid AppleScript™ Games 1.5.1 / 1.6


(Download the Classic version of the games - v1.5.1 - 115K)
(Download the OS X version of the games - v1.6 - 448K)

This series of games began late one night (actually early one morning—around 3 AM) in early July, 2000.  The authors decided in a rather delirious, Mountain Dew-produced state, that writing pointless AppleScripts would be an interesting way to pass some time.  The end results were very early versions of the Guess the Number and Rock, Paper, Applescript scripts.  After a lot of hard work (and a great deal of learning), we have significantly improved these games, as well as created new ones.

The games included in the package are Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Echo, Eight Ball, Find the Cheese*, Fourmation*, Guess the Number!, Hangman, Matcher, Pico-Fermi-Bagels, Poker, Rock Paper AppleScript, Scrambler, Tic-Tac-Toe, and War.  Depending on the game, they may be multi-player, single-player, or even no-player (computer plays on its own).  Enjoy!

These games require a Macintosh with AppleScript installed, preferably version 1.4 or later.  The scripts have been tested with earlier versions of AppleScript, but they don't work perfectly under OS 8.1 and AppleScript 1.1.2.  An in-depth Read Me is included in the package with more information.

Version 1.6 brings 2 new games to the OS X package: Fourmation (like Connect Four™) and Find the Cheese (a mind-numbing maze game).
Version 1.5.1 brought some small bugfixes.

Please note that at this point, we are essentially discontinuing further Classic development for these games, so these new games (marked above with a *) will not become available for OS 8 & 9.  Well... unless someone slips us a lot of money ;-).

Donations & registration for Stupid AppleScript™ Games (to receive source code) can be mailed to us (see Read Me! file) or sent via PayPal here (or go here to donate more than $5).

War Extreme 2.0 / 2005


(Download v2005 - 80K)

(Download the [old] v2.0 - 134K)

War Extreme takes the game War (originally featured as part of Stupid AppleScript Games) to the Extreme!  It adds idiotic statistics, phenomenal speed, and the ability to crudely benchmark your computer over the minimal feature set of the original.

Thanks to PerversionTracker giving us a few humble suggestions, REM Software is pleased to bring you War Extreme 2.0, complete with Dutch War, Egyptian War, and the positively ludicrous MegaDecks™.  There are more options available now, execution is faster, there's twice as much code, and we're pleased to bring you a super-spiffy way to check to see if there is an impending War tournament!  And believe it or not, we are currently planning to implement Xgrid-style distributed play in a future version of War Extreme... Hey! Stop laughing!

Version 2.0 Changes:
Again, thanks to PerversionTracker berating our fine, fine product, REM Software is pleased to bring you War Extreme 2005, just in time for the middle of June, 2004.  War Extreme 2005 is orders of magnitude faster than either of the previous versions, measures statistics slightly better, and allows multithreading support to really waste time when your boss isn't looking.  Note we're leaving v2.0 available for those of you that want to see what the last AppleScript Studio version was like, and when the next tournament is.

Version 2005 Changes:

Donations for War Extreme are strongly appreciated, and can be made via PayPal here.

More to come!

Wanna just give us some money?  Webhosting is not cheap for college students, so help us out via PayPal here :-).

Note: All compressed files on this site are compressed with Stuffit 6.5 or 7.0.  You will need Stuffit 5 or later from Aladdin Systems.

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