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Copyright © 2004 - 2018
Golden K Kiwanis Club
of Rochester, MN.
All Rights Reserved.

Activities & Projects

The Rochester Golden K Kiwanis Club supports a number of ongoing projects.
The contact name for each of these activities is listed below.

For a description of the projects, please CLICK HERE
or if you have additional questions you can call Mike Sheehan at (507) 288-3767

Volunteer Opportunities and Contacts

Project Name


Bicycle Repair

Joe Falcone

Catholic Charities

Mike Doerre

Channel 1, Tuesday

Russ Hird

Channel 1, Thursday

Ed Walsh

Christmas Anonymous

Jerry Stoflet & Dave Paxton

Community Food Response

Mike Sheehan

DNR Youth Safety

Dave Paxton

Food for Kidz

Russ Hird

Hockey Festival

Mike Doerre

Library Volunteers

Mike Doerre

Mayo Blood Donor Program

Jerry Stoflet

Mayo Volunteers

Arlen Books


Al Johnsrud

Nursing Home Bingo

Don Johnson

Peanut Days

Mike Sheehan

Reasons to Write

Mike Doerre


Dick Pingel

RSVP Reading Program

Mike Doerre

Salvation Army

Don Carlson

School System Bike Repair

Joe Falcone

Vets Hospital Clothing

Dan McCoy


Russ Hird & Rita McCoy

The purpose of human life is to serve,
and to show compassion and the will to help others.

-- Albert Schweitzer

Club Support Owners




Mike Doerre

Caring Reports

Mike Sheehan

Club Historian

Ed Walsh

Club Meeting Prep

Dan McCoy

Club Newsletter

Mike Sheehan

Greeters and Invocators

Dick Zelenski

Happy Bucks

Joe Hennessey

Inter-Club Meetings



Mike Sheehan

Program Certificates

Dick Zelenski


Dan McCoy & Dave Wernecke


Ed Walsh & Dick Zelenski

WEB Page

Dick Zelenski

I have somewhat ambivalent feelings
about the recognition of individuals
when so much of this was a team effort.

-- Barry Barish

Page last updated by Dick Zelenski on April 13, 2018