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Customizing Your Fitted Diaper Pattern

Coming up with the right diaper pattern might seem a bit intimidating, but there are many options and with trial and error you can come up with just the right design for your baby.
You may use one of these suggestions for your design:
· Favorite WAHM diaper that you have purchased
· Disposable diaper
· A favorite diaper cover (minus the gussets)

When trying to copy a diaper or cover make sure you stretch out the elastic to the full length. It is helpful to have someone else stretch while you draw the pattern.

Use a folded piece of paper (newspaper works well) and draw one half of the pattern lengthwise. Once you get the general shape you can adjust the measurements as necessary. When you cut out your pattern, both sides will be identical.

If you are going to serge your diaper, you do not need to add a seam allowance. However, if you are going to use the stitch and turn method (where you sew your diaper with right sides together, then turn to the outside and topstitch the edges); make sure you add at least ½ inch seam allowance all around.

Once you have your pattern, click here for instructions for sewing a fitted diaper.


Suggested finished measurements for your diaper pattern.
Length 14-15 inches; Crotch 5-6 inches, Back 12-14 inches, Front 8-9 inches
Length 16-18 inches, Crotch 6-8 inches, Back 12-15, inches Front 10-11
Length 17-20 inches, Crotch 6-9, inches Back 15-19, inches Front 10-13

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