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Sheep Shear Cuttings
13.5" Sheep Shearing Shears
Papercut Artist Carolyn E. Guest

Guild of American Papercutters


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Paper cutter Carolyn (Gorham) Guest grew up on a farm in Lyndon, Vermont, not far from her father's fifth generation home farm.  She was an active 4-H member and, as a young adult, spent six months living and working in Poland as an International 4-H Youth Exchange student.  Folk art and crafts were always an intricate part of her life.  While there, she was introduced to the Polish Folk Art of Wycinanki (vee-chee-non-kee) or paper cutting.  This has taken her back to Poland and many other places to further study with paper cutters and other Folk Artists.

Paper cutting has become a way for her to tell about her experiences, the stories she has heard and reflects her rural Vermont heritage.  Carolyn continues to challenge herself by seeing what she can cut using her sheep shears.  She has chosen to cut with sheep shearing shears in tribute to her Polish teachers and the Polish Women who only had sheep shears with which to cut "Wycinanki."

She is a member of The Guild of American Papercutters, Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild, Vermont Folk Life Center, and Vermont Craft Council. 

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     Carolyn cutting Carolyn cutting Carolyn cutting Carolyn!        

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Limited Edition Prints
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