In 1867, Scott R. Sutton opened a jewelry business in Naples N.Y.

     Sutton was a great fisherman. He had a cottage on Canandaigua
Lake, about four miles away. The lake was well known for its Lake Trout,
Whitefish and Walleyed Pike. Sutton was known to spend much of his spare
time in pursuit of these fish.

     In the 1800s, the manufacture of fishing tackle was a fairly
local thing. Jewelers made much of it, as they had the small tools and were
accustomed to working with small articles.

     It was natural that Sutton began making his own spoons,
spinners, and swivels. They were so successful that other fisherman
wanted them too, and urged Sutton to make them for sale.

     Sutton began to make a few items to sell in his jewelry store and to
other merchants in the area villages. He became well known for his spoons
and spinners in the local area.

     Upon Suttons death in 1915, a long time employee, Geo. H. Wells,
continued the manufacture of Sutton spoons, spinners and swivels. He       
operated the business until his death in 1929. The largest yearly volume   
during this period was 1500 spinners and 600 spoons.

     The business sat idle until the spring of 1930 when John Stafford
purchased the tools and equipment from Sutton's daughter. He was an
avid fisherman himself, and saw the potential of a lure making business.
Since the Sutton name was well known locally , he decided to retain it ,
and The Sutton Co. was born.

     With the advent of more reliable automobiles , people began to
travel more . Sutton Spoons became known in New England , and then to the
Great Lakes Area. New spoons were developed and production increased .

     The Sutton Co. today has over 30 different sizes ,
and are made in a variety of finishes . There fame has spread by word of
mouth of successful fisherman , so that today they are sold over much of
the United States and Canada.

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