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E20 Elec-trak

This is an E20 Elec-trak 1970s riding lawnmower that has been restored and upgraded. It has electronics for all motors with current limiting and regenerative braking. The homemade mower has 5 blades. Electronic wise, the main improvement is that everything on this mower runs from 36 volts including the front/rear lift and headlights. The electronics running the motors are controlled by a PIC microcontroller that controls how the motors accelerate/deccelerate and it protects the motors and electronics. Rather than just 7 speeds in forward and a few in reverse, there is nearly infinite variable speed in each direction.

E15 Elec-trak

This is the first electric lawnmower I ever used. It was sitting in our barn for years until both our John Deere tractors either with the engine or the transmission. All the wiring needed work and the control card was missing. After hooking it up enough to try out the motors the it needed better control to be used as a lawnmower so I started out making a MOSFET controller to turn on the motors.

CNC Routers

A CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Router is a machine controlled by a computer that's able to move a router around and able to cut out parts. The one shown on the left is a 3 axis CNC Router (it moves left/right, forward/backward, and up/down) and I use it to cut wood and plastic.

I'm also working on another Metal Cutting CNC controlled by a PIC microcontroller but isn't finished yet.

Mobile Robot

This mobile robot has 2 wheelchair drive motors, a bucket, and a lift. It's pretty strong able to lift 200 pounds and has good traction. Controlled by a desktop PC and electronics are connected through a parallel port. Has lots of I/O capabilities, 4 motor controllers, and uses radio control for input.

Embedded Systems school servo project

Here is a servo controller I made for my Embedded Systems class which controls 2 robot arms on a mobile balancing uBot at UMass. It can position servo motors and sends position and torque feedback serially to the onboard Bitsy (a small computer)


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