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Personal Statement:
Ultima Software is dedicated to bringing you the best in Internet scanning technology. Our programs are relaible, small, and fast, so efficency is maximized. We have a number of free software tools that fit any company's or individual's needs. Although we specialize in Internet scanning and security programs we also have several others, browse our downloads page and check the FAQ if you find any questions. We are always wanting feedback and comments so visit our contact page as well. Thanks.

Recent Additions:
A program recently added to the downloads page is 'tek-scan3k'; our quickest and best scanner yet. Although its freeware, its still high quality and never nags to be registered.

Listing on the CNET networks:
tek-scan3k recently reached 12,000 downloads on CNET.com. Thanks for making this one of the most popular software titles we've ever created. You can view the cnet.com download page here. Please be sure to visit and vote!

A Note on Usage:
Although the scanners contained on this site could easily be used to scan large sets of IPs outside of your own, such practices are usually frowned upon by administrators and ISPs. Ethical port scanner use should be limited to scanning your own machine locally or remotely and only other machines within your network that you are responsible for. Ultima Software nor its affiliates will be held responsible for unethical scanner use. Sorry, have to get that bit in :).

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