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All of the following downloads are freeware. They may be copied and distributed at will, all we ask is that you give us credit, and maybe a link-back :). Most of our programs are listed in the library's of Cnet.com and nonags.com, two of the largest software distribution sites on the internet. We stand behind our products 100%, so feel free to contact us with any concers or questions.

This port scanner allows both remote and local connections. It can scan adjustable ranges of ports and is equiped with multi-socket technology allowing for many connections at once. This type of scanner greatly reduces scanning time and allows for more accurate customization to a particular computer. The default open ports is set at 120 but can be set as high as 1000 ports at once or higher on faster machines.
Download: tek-scan3k : Download from Cnet.com, help boost our listing!
Download: tek-scan3k : 1.45 MB

Ultima Traceroute:
This tool allows an IP or Host Name to be traced back to its source. A light-weight program which uses on-line services to effectively deliever all known information about a given host/domain.This program is still in beta mode, but is expected to be fully functional in a few weeks.
Download: Ultima Traceroute : 0.80 MB

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