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FAQ - (frequently asked questions):
This section is designed to resolve any product related issues, we ask that you please exhaust all of the following solutions before e-mailing us for assistance.

How do I download this program:
You can download any of our programs by navigating to the Downloads page, and clicking on the name of the program you wish to download. If you get an error page saying the file is missing, or the link is not clickable, its most likely that we are updating the site and the problem should be fixed shortly.

What do these programs do:
Almost all of our programs are internet based applications. The connect to and manipulate the internet to perform tasks for you. Most of these tools are for experienced users and aim towards system info / security.

The program won't run:
All files required to run our applications are included in the setup file, so you'll never have to scower the net for DLL's. If the program won't run on your computer make sure you fufil the minimum requirements and have the proper admin permission.

How can I verify the saftey of these programs:
Our programs are hosted by Cnet.com and Nonags.com, two of the largest freeware distributors on the internet. Both sites constantly scan for viruses and trojans, and both sites take security very seriously. If this is not enough reassurance, please scan the programs with anti-virus and / or anti-trojan software.

I can't find the program I need:
If you can't locate the type of software you need on our site, please check the Links page to find additional resources that will guide you in the right direction. We are always adding to our link list, so all the information stays current.

Other problems:
If this FAQ was unable to resolve your particular problem, please visit the Contact page and e-mail us with your inquiry. We love feedback and would be happy to help you.

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