Ron Dometrovich

Winner of CMT/NSAI song contest for Alabama, 2002 (All the Homeless Souls)

One of the top 100 albums in Ireland ("A Place With No Name")
--Joe Vincent, JRRI Radio, Waterford, Ireland

"A Midnight Snowfall" is a fav c-mas cd of the yr so've that
distinctive other world dreamy style in all your music. I hear so much...& you remain
alone.....may you stay......
--Eddie Russell, KULM, Columbus, Texas

"...great music."
--Rein Wortelboer, Peelgras Radio Show, Netherlands

..."Ron plays a very elegant music..."
--Andrea Stolle, Old Stringhouse Music, Germany

"...great soapmaking music."
--Karen White, Natural Impulse

..."A big thanks for your CDs. I really enjoyed them."
--Laurie Nitschke, Victoria, Australia